Good Luck, Android-Based Surface Duo!

Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones

Attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that can give them full control of at least 18 different phone models, including four different Pixel models, a member of Google’s Project Zero research group said on Thursday night.

Panos Panay said Microsoft teamed with Google for the Surface Duo “because those are the apps you want.”

It’s also the OS malware/spyware/adware makers love to target.

Google doesn’t police its Play Store with the same degree of scrutiny as Apple does its App Store. And I doubt Microsoft will successfully nudge them to do so.

I wouldn’t be surprised if part of their agreement is for Microsoft to do its own Duo Store for apps. Microsoft has a huge investment in the Surface brand. Too much to put at risk with Google’s constant ADHD. The Verge has this same thought in Microsoft’s dual-screen phone will live or die by the apps:

Plus, honestly, the stakes are just too high for Microsoft to screw this up.

I like the pocket notebook form factor of the Surface Duo. It clicks with me.

But I can’t help thinking a similar thing could be achieved with an iPad Mini in landscape mode with splitscreen. But I said similar, not identical. Holding an iPad Mini in landscape with one hand is a task. It lacks this elegance:

And there’s something to be said about two distinct screens. It’s psychologically pleasing having that separation. Each screen registers as a distinct thing, not two things crammed together on one screen.

Maybe next year from Apple? iPad Nano Twin? iPhone Max Twin?

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