Alt-Wheels Briefly #2

Anti-car activists hack electronic street signs in Brooklyn, change messages to promote public transportation (Also see Alt-Wheels Notes #30)

Singapore: PMD retailers to stop selling to people under 16, refuse servicing unregistered devices

The entire statement was posted to Instagram by local dealer Falcon PEV (click to enlarge):

It’s ironic that PassionGadgets (aka iPassionGroup) is listed as a signatory. They were fined for selling non-UL2272-compliant XVE chargers (see Alt-Wheels Notes #30). Does their signature mean anything?

BBC News: Dyson has scrapped its £2.5bn electric car project

For those wondering if they should really get a Onewheel (XR or Pint) for their commute, here’s someone who decided to get a Pint instead of a second car for commuting:

Should you buy the ONEWHEEL PINT?

You get to enjoy the journey way more than you do with a car.

Denver, Colorado commute on a King Song 16X. The strange parts of this video is that we never see the ride begin or end! I think this might be the first Alt-Wheels rider wearing a suit (aside from politicians doing a PR stunt):

City Commute Kingsong 16X (Fast Electric Unicycle)

Previously here:

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