China’s Weak Spots: Battery Tech, Food, And Medicine Production

Here are today’s prominent headlines from Techmeme:

It’s all China.

The ad-hoc trade war Trump began with China is quickly metastasizing. It was never a good idea to go in without a clear strategy.

These are three major China weak spots:

China has poisoned the world with tainted food.

China wants to lead the world in battery technology.

China produces medicine used in America.

Those have been the weak spots of China all along. Not a general trade war.

If we’re serious about hitting China where it hurts, batteries, food, and medicine should be banned from entering the United States market.

And yes, I know what havoc this will cause in the Alt-Wheels market, especially.

But some things just have to be done.

And this post — along with past posts — have probably banned me from ever entering China. It’s just as well. The only way they’d ever get me over there now is via Extraordinary Rendition.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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