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The Long Road To Better Batteries

Scientists simplify lithium-sulfur battery production to meet future energy storage needs Theoretically, lithium-sulfur batteries are capable of storing up to 10 times more energy than lithium-ion ones, but to date are unable to sustain this over repeated charging and discharging … Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Influence Of Steve Jobs

The Lesson I Learned from Steve Jobs One evening, over dinner in San Francisco, I was struck by an irresistibly simple idea. What if any developer from anywhere in the world could create their own application for the Salesforce platform? … Continue reading

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The “Pivot To Video” Fraud

Remember that whole “pivot to video” craze a few years back? It was driven by fraud. I never understood how people could be suckered into it. I could read a paragraph in the time it took most videos to play … Continue reading

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