The Long Road To Better Batteries

Scientists simplify lithium-sulfur battery production to meet future energy storage needs

Theoretically, lithium-sulfur batteries are capable of storing up to 10 times more energy than lithium-ion ones, but to date are unable to sustain this over repeated charging and discharging of the battery. NBL’s lithium-sulfur cathode demonstrated excellent specific capacity of up to 1,220 mAh/g, which means that 1 gram of this material could store a charge of 1,220 mAh. In contrast, a typical lithium-ion cathode has a specific energy capacity of 140 mAh/g. In addition, NBL’s cathode could maintain its high capacity over 200 charging cycles with minimal loss in performance. Key to this was NBL’s unique two-step approach of preparing the cathode.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It would be rather funny — no, hilarious — if someone came up with the better battery outside of Elon Musk’s huge gigafactory investment.

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