Alt-Wheels Briefly #6

For just about the first time in my damn life, I live in an area where I got something before everyone else: Jump and Lime rental eBikes. The rest of this Island has to wait: Borough-wide bike share now expected in spring 2020

A borough-wide bike share expansion on Staten Island, originally slated to begin this past July, has been delayed into next year.

The Department of Transportation (DOT), which first launched a dockless bike share pilot program on Staten Island’s North Shore in July 2018, now expects the rollout of a borough-wide expansion to begin in spring 2020.

Maybe the hand-wringing Governor will have passed the Alt-Wheels bills by then and we’ll have rental eScooters throughout the city too.

Boosted has released a tutorial video for the Boosted Rev eScooter. It features annoying and cheesy narration and graphics. Thankfully, it’s brief:

How to Ride an Electric Scooter – Getting Started with Boosted Rev

Stay for the outtakes at the end:

Onewheel Pint Montage: Worth $1000.00?

Veteran rider Talon Sei gets a trip to Ireland to test the YX-One, something that might woo car owners to Alt-Wheels:

YX-ONE Prototype Testing | Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Is it an electric skateboard? Is it an eScooter? Is it a Threewheel? However it’s eventually classified, it’s muscular enough that even an SUV or pickup truck driver wouldn’t feel foolish riding. Its large wheels would also handle bad surfaces well. The more Alt-Wheels variety, the better.

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