Alt-Wheels Sidebar: Electric Motors Will Outnumber Pedals


It’s a forecast. And I also find it hard to believe that over 230,000 eScooters were sold in France in 2018. Where are they hiding that I don’t see more of them in videos from France?

Still, I couldn’t help calling attention to this tweet to hammer home what I keep saying: Bikes are not the answer for everyone. Not everybody can pedal or wants to pedal. And electric motors — Alt-Wheels — will outnumber pedals in the streets.

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1 Response to Alt-Wheels Sidebar: Electric Motors Will Outnumber Pedals

  1. You know, it depends on the infrastructure
    Here in China, there are thousands of bikes on the street, so everyone is pedalling
    And I believe pedaling is just better as it allows you to keep feet
    Personally, I would be way less fit, as I’m lazy and would choose an electric scooter
    And of course, a bike with a basket where you can sit and put your heavy bag is way more comfortable that a standing scooter

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