Alt-Wheels Briefly #7

Is this the future for eScooters?

Skip follows Bird in offering long-term unlimited-ride eScooter rentals that riders keep at home: Say hello to the Skip Mobility Membership. Car makers and dealers make real bank with leasing. This is just about eScooter leasing. Could this be the future for eScooters? At US$25.00/week, it’s US$1,300.00 for a year. That’s still less than buying a Boosted Rev. And maintenance would be handled by Skip. Something to think about! Remember, Bird offers it too: Bird Rental eScooter Gets Very, Very Clever. But they’re doing it at an unsustainable US$25.00 per month. I expect them to change that to mirror Skip’s fee structure. It would be a real Black Swan event if eScooter leasing triumphed over purchasing.


Not just a bike lane anymore!

The standard-range model of the Meepo Mini 2 gets a hill climb test that’s quite impressive. This is the test Kieran said he’d do months ago but never did (probably too busy):

Meepo Mini 2 Review: Speed and Torque!

Airwheel does a spec-less promo video for their electric unicycle — but does it right:

Airwheel X3 Electric Unicycle

It’s not fun riding Alt-Wheels in a city that has surrendered to motor vehicles. Here’s an examination of cities:

[NJB] What Makes a City Great?

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