Alt-Wheels Briefly #9

Alt-Wheels: We’re coming to eat your cars! (YouTube)

Chris of TechTablets gives us a look at the latest model of Ninebot KickScooter:

Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 & G30D 65km eScooter First Look! IFA19

Allegedly created via Indiegogo, there are many abusive comments there complaining about very late deliveries. That’s not just a hazard of crowdfunding but adds the complications of shipping from China.

Annoying intro and format, but three videos in one. Two PMDs (eScooters) in flames and the aftermath of a PMD fire in an apartment:

TOP 3 Escooters / PMDs Explodes Caught On Camera in Singapore !!! (Part 2)

All Alt-Wheels need UL2272 certification. See my tips for fire safety.

Regular readers will notice my interest in eScooters has waned since I consider the Boosted Rev to be just about the only one worth buying. For those still interested in eScooters, there’s Scooter Talk for more information about them.

JayKay Trucks posted a new video demonstrating how to charge the remote ring and the trucks:

JayKay Tutorial 6 “Charging”

There’s still a great deal of skepticism about their setup and now an additional issue: The ring remote. JayKay has stated they have no plans — and maybe no interest — in providing an optional handheld remote. That’s a huge flaw that will limit the market and usability of their product. Why? The ring can’t be worn over gloves! And it’s also doubtful that the remote will be responsive to anything other than skin touch.

A unique perspective video of the 2019 Broadway Bomb taken with a 360-degree camera that at times makes it seem as if shot from a drone:

Broadway Bomb 2019

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