Alt-Wheels Briefly #12

Inside: The BBC learns of hub motors; calls them “in-wheel” motors.

Wheels of fortune? A new age for electric motors

In most electric cars, the motor is found on one axle and in four-wheel drive cars there will be two motors, one on each axle.

But some companies are working on a radical redesign, placing motors in the wheels themselves.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Where does the writer think the motor inside an electric unicycle is? Where’s the motor in a Onewheel? Hub motors have existed for years. The writer is ignorant and impressed by nothing new. Don’t ever count on the established press to understand or to cover Alt-Wheels properly.

There’s bound to be renewed interest in the Onewheel Pint since Future Motion announced it’s now shipping in just 5-7 days (see Alt-Wheels Briefly #11) so I’ve decided to devote the video section this time to the Pint.

The Onewheel Pint // First Time On A Onewheel!

Onewheel PINT new rider! Is it easy?

OneWheel Pint – My Thoughts at 175 Miles in!

Pushing the Limits! // Onewheel Pint Range Test

ONE WHEEL PINT – Accessories | Cleaning | New GoPro Pole!!!

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