Likebook Ares = Onyx Boox Nova Pro Clone?

New 7.8″ Likebook Ares Note Available on Amazon, But the Price is Too High

Likebooks are basically Onyx clones, even more so with these new designs. The problem is Likebook’s software isn’t as advanced or as polished as Onyx’s software, which is superior in virtually every way. The only advantage the Likebook has is the memory card slot, and that might be enough for some folks.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It’s a measure of how little I’ve kept up with the eBook world that I find out this only now.

But he points to the card slot as being the only hardware advantage. The Likebook Ares also has built-in speakers. The Onyx Boox Nova Pro does not.

And as the video below shows, Onyx has had a tabbed interface for eBooks — shown as PDFs (but not Google Books PDFs) in this video:

Updated Onyx Nova Pro Review with New 2.1 Software

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