Alt-Wheels Briefly #16

Lunchbox-sized electric unicycle: Out-of-production Gotway m5.

What Are Alt-Wheels?

Alternative Wheels.

Alt-Wheels are:
– Made for a single rider
– Smaller than bicycles
– Affordable

Electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onewheel, the Jyroball.

Alt-Wheels differs from “micromobility.” That’s all in this post.

Another example of why we need the UK’s driver prosecution system here in America. Catch driver on video, upload to police website, testify in court, driver penalized:

Another big punishment by the courts – overtake by SO51MRU

6 Penalty points, £440 fine, £44 victim surchage, and £100 court costs. What a stupid and annoying overtake.

Meanwhile, traffic enforcement in Singapore:

Active Mobility Enforcement officers approach PMD riders riding electric scooters on footpath

A van driver is wooed by and won over to electric unicycles:

Throwback Chevy – Heart Like a Wheel!

Gotway was once thinking of doing an m5 electric unicycle — the 5 means it’s a five-inch wheel:

the smallest and lightest unicycle GotWay M5

Unfortunately, they abandoned that idea:

out of production now because it takes long time to print the shell

Sure, it was probably always impractical. But who can resist that amount of cute? It’s too bad they didn’t consider a limited run via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Then they’d sign up everyone interested and could mass produce a shell instead of 3D print it.

One more video of what might have been:

4.163KG GotWay M5 the lightest unicycle

That’s about 9.2 pounds!

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