Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Forward Working Group Proposed Merger

I’ve been irregularly watching Forward Working Group’s YouTube videos on energy storage development for a few years. I’ve done four prior posts about them (see end of post). They are merging with EEStor.

EEStor’s website company description:

EEStor Corporation’s (the “Company”) mission is to be the provider of leading edge electrical energy storage and related technologies. The Company operates on the principle and belief that a fundamental breakthrough in energy storage will be the catalyst for positive environmental and economic change globally. The Company’s current business strategy is focused on licensing and partnership opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries and applications building on its recent technology achievements related to capacitors.

As Robert Murray-Smith explains in the below video, there are still steps ahead before a merger:

FWG Merger With EESTOR

This could be very significant for battery development. Since EEStor’s founder had a prior interest in electric vehicles, it will be interesting to see if their upcoming FWG product addresses the Alt-Wheels market. Robert Murray-Smith stated in a YouTube Comment response to me that FWG’s goal is to replace the existing 18650 LiOn cell used in Alt-Wheels. A battery chemistry on the market that prevents runaway combustion would in itself be a breakthrough.

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