The LiMu Emu Is CGI

LiMu Emu and Doug: Behind The Scenes – Liberty Mutual Insurance

Dynamic Duo LiMu Emu and Doug Are the Stars of Liberty Insurance’s New Campaign

The VFX team started by shooting a real life emu to create reference footage that has then been matched to build a fully CG bird; a digital double. This impressive creation drew upon numerous skillsets, tools and software solutions. Lidar scans of the set, paired up with HDRI lighting references for every single shot, ensured LiMu could be placed into every environment seamlessly. The Mill’s proprietary fur and feather system was used to groom LiMu, with a bespoke configuration required given how each area of an emu has vastly different feather types. Various additional CG elements were crafted such as sunglasses and the security badge, with particular attention to photoreal reflections on these objects. Cloth and material simulations were applied to create the shirt and tie, which had to respond dynamically to each movement. An intricate level of detail and quality was required for flexibility in use of the assets across broadcast, digital, social and print.

I kept wondering because they fooled me!

Imagine, a TV commercial with better CGI than most big-budget TV shows.

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