Alt-Wheels Briefly #20

Inside: See what happens when someone upgrades from a 20-pound Gotway mTen3 electric unicycle to a 50+-pound Gotway MSX.

What Are Alt-Wheels?

Alternative Wheels.

Alt-Wheels are:
– Made for a single rider
– Smaller than bicycles
– Affordable

Electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onewheel, the Jyroball.

Alt-Wheels differs from “micromobility.” That’s all in this post.

Oonee pod — protected storage for bikes and eScooters — is coming to Brooklyn finally: Sneak Peek: Brooklyn’s New Bike Parking Station

Batteries limit everything. How much longer do we have to wait?

Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe

What the video neglects to mention: Weight. Will these be lighter?

A range test and review of the Indiegogo-funded Ninebot MAX eScooter that’s scenic, sometimes hilarious, and reiterates what I’ve said about the need for a higher top speed in case of danger:

Hollywood to Santa Monica and Back ? 🛴 Review and Range Test of Ninebot MAX

UnderWaterCzechHunter, who maxed-out the speed of his Gotway mTen3 electric unicycle with a resulting crash (see Alt-Wheels Notes #20) upgraded to a more powerful and larger Gotway MSX. An over 30-pound weight difference! See what he went through:

Gotway MSX unboxing, first time practising and riding

Refusing to let a driver take over a bike lane:

Mercedes road rage driver nudges Mikey, then gets instant carma from the police

British police are so calm, businesslike, and take bike lane invasions seriously! NYC’s police should take lessons. Especially when it comes to drivers in bike lanes. Ticket the hell out of them. Also note how the cyclist mentions he’s going to upload his cam footage for prosecution — a system we desperately need all across America.

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