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Likebook Ares Note: First Owner Video

Before I even played the video, I examined his Channel. Legit buyer. Not a shill account. Unboxing: Boyue Likebook Ares Note eReader As of post time, Amazon is out of stock and tweeted me they have no ETA for more. … Continue reading

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Tesla’s Cybertruck: Immediately Ban It From Cities

It’s not a truck. It’s a combat vehicle. It’s a Pedestrian Death Machine. If this thing ever gets to market, I hope police pull over its drivers again and again and again until the message is clear: Anyone who needs … Continue reading

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TV: Mr. Inbetween, Series Two

Series Two of Mr. Inbetween has ended. And it remained a series unlike anything ever seen on TV. While everyone else bombards us with hour-long series that seem to never fucking end, Mr. Inbetween tells a story in only a … Continue reading

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