Blog Notes: Unproductivity

This is the time of year where my energy flags and my enthusiasms fail.

I’m behind in a variety of Internet-related things and I just don’t care.

All I want to do is read or watch TV (TV meaning actual programs; not YouTube).

And since a variety of constraints are making it impossible to read, it’s been TV.

I’m three episodes into the six-episode series Balthazar. It’s French, low-key, and not boring. Just the thing to suit my mood.

Aside from that, I’m still debating about ending this blog and all blogging. Maybe even Twitter too.

I sense something going on in the world that is not good. Groklaw understood it first — back in 2013 — and quit publishing.

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6 Responses to Blog Notes: Unproductivity

  1. beedancer says:

    Please don’t quit. How else will I ever learn about things like Balthazar… or even alt-wheels–not anticipating riding at 76, but I do love being able to have impressive creds with my grandsons!

    I’m sure I’m not your demographic, but I’m also sure many are. I hope they take the time to get vocal, too.


  2. Chuck Patout says:

    At 74 I am also probably not in your demographic, but over the years I have enjoyed and learned so many things in your posts! I hope you keep posting. I think I first found your blog since you were one of the few speculating on the ‘new’ iPad. FYI – I bought an iPad Mini 5 on sale several years ago and enjoy it primarily for reading Kindle books.

  3. john says:

    enjoy, relax, then come back randomly when a thought to share possesses you, unless closing the door is the only means for you to enter another.

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