Demonizing Dollar Stores

Deal or no deal? The expansion of Dollar Stores

I live within walking range of three Family Dollar stores (with a fourth under delayed construction!) and a Dollar General. My main gripe is that their damn shelves always need restocking and things are hardly ever in when I need them (emails about this to their corporate HQs have not resulted in any changes, either). Also, bizarrely, some of their freezers have dropped dead and haven’t been fixed in months.

The food choices can be nasty. Especially their house brands (Clover Valley is one such beard). But I’m glad they’re here. None of the supermarkets or small grocers have gone out of business because of them.

The grocer in that report sounds like an entitled crybaby. Why didn’t he just get rid of stock that duplicated what the dollar store offered? Complement instead of compete? What a lack of imagination and initiative.

Back in 1922, grocer David Pender faced the threat of larger grocery stores competing with his. He didn’t give up! Someone print that out for that whining grocer!

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