Alt-Wheels Briefly #27

Learn from Singapore. Buying the cheapest Alt-Wheels is no bargain. It’s a potential firebomb.

What Are Alt-Wheels?

Alternative Wheels.

Alt-Wheels are:
– Made for a single rider
– Smaller than bicycles
– Affordable

Electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onewheel, the Jyroball.

Alt-Wheels differs from “micromobility.” That’s all in this post.

The Physics of Scooter Range. One big variable left out: Touted ranges are outright lies.

PMD-related fires highest in 5 years | THE BIG STORY | The Straits Times

Look for a sticker that affirms the Alt-Wheels is UL2272-compliant. When it come to electric unicycles, that’s just about impossible, since only one model has been compliant. So stay away from the cheapest no-brand EUCs. The more expensive ones from legit, well-known brands are less likely to be fire hazards — but without UL2272-compliance, there is no guarantee of even that. All Alt-Wheels makers will have to start complying in 2020 as this safety standard becomes better known. If they don’t, their sales will suffer.

What’s best for signaling? Here are two options.

Fancywing LED Turn Signal Pack Review

This option is just for braking:

Ride SMARTER & SAFER with Brake Free!

An Oonee pod opens in Brooklyn, NY:

Oonee debuts Bike Parking in Brooklyn with hopes of 100s more to come!

Let’s hope the next Mayor will change the law that prevents Oonee selling advertising space to underwrite its mission. We need these pods at least on every damn street corner throughout the five boroughs.

I love this:

Gandalf Corner again – LN62HWJ GUILTY in court

Saying “Go back” and pointing works. If this was in America, the abusive driver would honk and honk and honk and inch forward. Then probably get out of his car and threaten violence. We need this bad driver video prosecution system in America!

Lastly, do you think you’re “too old” for Alt-Wheels? Let this 73-year-old woman shame you:

Why I Love to Skate – Edwina Ellis (73 years old) inspiring inline skater

What she’s doing takes a hell of a lot more stamina than standing on an electric skateboard, electric scooter, electric unicycle, or the Onewheel! Be like her. Do something that will make you smile more!

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