TV: Sticks And Stones

How do you deal with your life falling apart?

Thomas Benson (pictured) is the leader of a team of four who do corporate real estate deals.

He’s the kind of person who reads a book like this:

An important presentation to a potential big client goes awry and that starts a systematic collapse of his life.

But what’s really going on? Is he imagining what he’s experiencing or are people seriously out to sabotage him?

I hesitated to do this post. This three-part drama was very, very hard to watch. I had to take breaks. That might seem to make me a snowflake but if you can identify with Benson, you’ll have that kind of empathy for his situation.

I haven’t seen anything by writer Mike Bartlett before this. His script is very skillful, keeping viewers guessing until we think time is running out for any resolution. At one point, I was internally screaming about something I thought Benson should be doing.

I won’t say if he did or didn’t. No spoilers.

Except to say it’s worth seeing. It’s worth going through Benson’s torment. They are two payoffs in the end. An explanation (pay attention to it!) and a solution for Benson.

It’s very surprising this aired during a holiday season that’s supposed to be all about good will to our fellow humans. This is the exact opposite of that!

But see it.


ITV: Sticks and Stones

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