Video: The Laws Of Human Nature

I got his book from the library but had to return it unread. It required a span of time to read and contemplate I didn’t have at the time (and still don’t).

This was a YouTube Recommendation that popped up today and managed to grab my attention.

It’s not a substitute for reading the book but it’s damn informative and interesting. Greene doesn’t look anything like I imagined (he looks like a writer!).

Within the first fifteen minutes, you’ll want to refer to these two prior posts because I Told You So: “Pull The String! Pull The String!” and Jung/Jordan Peterson: “Pull The String!”. Ed Wood understood what Robert Greene confirms.

Robert Greene: “The Laws of Human Nature” | Talks at Google

This is actually the perfect time to watch this video. Most of us will be dealing with other people on Christmas day — those people being relatives. This video could help with managing that.

Previously here:

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