Likebook Ares Note: Owner Video From China

Since videos of the Likebook Ares Note have not been popping up on YouTube (are all of the recent purchases Christmas presents?), I went on a minor hunt. Youku videos failed to play for me in either Firefox or Chrome. But I found one from the Chinese video site BiliBili from user Debbieella that is interesting.

I’m not quite sure what’s happening in some parts so I’d rather not risk a wrong explanation. But at one point the Chinese app WPS Office is used and a word processing document, a Powerpoint-like slide, and a spreadsheet (screensnap below) are shown. It seems impressive.

The video is Chinese language with the device UI in Chinese as well. The video title is Google Translate and truncated for YouTube:

Likebook Ares Note: PDF typesetting handwriting recognition simple export software

I hope new owners of the Likebook Ares Note will gift the rest of us with some YouTube videos soon!

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