Alt-Wheels Bulletin: NY Governor Vetoes Alt-Wheels Bills

See the Assembly and Senate websites for yourself: Assembly Bill A7431B, Senate Bill S5294A, and Senate Bill S6597.

Streetsblog: BREAKING: Cuomo Vetoes Overwhelmingly Popular Bill to Legalize E-Bikes

NY Daily News: Cuomo vetoes bill to legalize e-bikes and give relief to immigrant delivery workers

NY Post: Gov. Cuomo vetoes bill legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters

What else should have been expected from a bleeding-heart leftoid hand-wringer who thinks it’s his job to be Big Daddy and keep everybody saaaaaafe?

Earlier in the year (as noted in Alt-Wheels Notes #10), a fellow Democrat raised himself onto his hind legs to bray:

“I’m hopeful and confident the governor will recognize the extraordinary level of support this bill received,” said Sen. Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo). “It passed the Senate 56-6. It passed the Assembly, 137-4, so it sure is veto-proof. I’m confident he’ll sign it.”

But here we are, late in the year, and what’s the reality for the future? This:

The Ramos-Rozic bill passed in June with veto-proof majorities in the Senate (56-6) and the Assembly (137-4). But it was not formally “sent” to the governor until Tuesday because it was unclear if he would sign it. And with the legislature out of session until January, lawmakers would have to call a special session to over-ride the veto, an unlikely scenario.

As it is now, the legislature will have to re-pass an altered bill (or the same bill) and send it back to the governor.

Kennedy should have shut his yap months ago.

Here is the Governor’s rejection of the bills:

His rejection is full of overreach. It’s the centralized planning that’s been rejected by nation after nation in favor of freedom. He wants us not to notice that the bill provided only broad guidelines with specifics — such as helmets, lights, etc — to be left in the hands of localities. He doesn’t want to have his grasp of the State questioned or loosened by anybody. With an ego that can’t fit in the same room as the one possessed by this city’s Mayor, he’s already been mentioning he wants yet another term as Governor.

I am trapped in a state and a city being led by two retrograde bamboozlers. They are both unfit for the 21st century and should resign.

Here’s a video for all the damn hand-wringers who think they’re “in charge” and have a neurotic urge to keep everybody saaaaafe:

Jordan Peterson: Safe Versus Strong

When they want you to be “safe,” what they really mean is they want you weak and dependent.

Previously here:

Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Alt-Wheels Bills FINALLY Sent to NY Governor
Alt-Wheels Bulletin

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