Alt-Wheels Briefly #30

What Are Alt-Wheels?

Alternative Wheels.

Alt-Wheels are:
– Made for a single rider
– Smaller than bicycles
– Affordable

Electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onewheel, the Jyroball.

Alt-Wheels differs from “micromobility.” That’s all in this post.

Chinese start-up Mobike loses more than 200,000 bikes

Hong Kong rival Gobee pulled out of Europe altogether at the beginning of 2018, citing “mass destruction” of its bike fleet.

One day soon, the “liberal” democracies on this planet will finally wake up to what they are doing to themselves.

New Material Breaks World Record Turning Heat into Electricity

The new material is so effective that it could be used to provide energy for sensors or even small computer processors. Instead of connecting small electrical devices to cables, they could generate their own electricity from temperature differences. The new material has now been presented in the journal “Nature”.

How does that fit into Alt-Wheels? AirTags and other such location devices.

Scientists Develop New Material to Make Lithium Ion Batteries Self-Healing and Easily Recyclable

Lithium-ion batteries are notorious for developing internal electrical shorts that can ignite a battery’s liquid electrolytes, leading to explosions and fires.

Engineers at the University of Illinois, however, have developed a solid polymer-based electrolyte that can self-heal after damage—and the material can also be recycled without the use of harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

Still years and years away from market…


People who think Alt-Wheels are for people with complete bodies are wrong:

Onewheelin’ on Christmas Eve! [CC]

A reminder from Documentary: Backpedal. We Need A National Alt-Wheels Movement.:

Stick with it, he mutes the wind noise and rides like a road boss (50 kmh = 31 mph):

EUC Having Fun MSX – Top Speed 55.3kph, plus 3D printed mug guard

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