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Scratching My Head In Public…

This surprised me: And since no one reading those posts left any kind of damn comment, I have no idea why they came and what they got from the posts. Looking at my stats, Alt-Wheels-related posts have had the most … Continue reading

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Likebook Ares Note: Owner Video From China

Since videos of the Likebook Ares Note have not been popping up on YouTube (are all of the recent purchases Christmas presents?), I went on a minor hunt. Youku videos failed to play for me in either Firefox or Chrome. … Continue reading

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Looking Backward

At one time, my blogs had a year-in-review post. I stopped doing those. Today, I came across a decade-in-review article. I won’t be doing either a year-end or decade-end post here. If anyone here wants to “look back” at anything, … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Alt-Wheels Bills FINALLY Sent to NY Governor

All three of the Alt-Wheels bills have been sent to the hand-wringing Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo. See the Assembly and Senate websites for yourself: Assembly Bill A7431B, Senate Bill S5294A, and Senate Bill S6597. Should Cuomo veto … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Randy Suess, BBS Creator

Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74 Randy Suess, a computer hobbyist who helped build the first online bulletin board, anticipating the rise of the internet, messaging apps and social media, died on Dec. 10 in Chicago. He … Continue reading

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Video: The Laws Of Human Nature

I got his book from the library but had to return it unread. It required a span of time to read and contemplate I didn’t have at the time (and still don’t). This was a YouTube Recommendation that popped up … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Spin Rental eScooter Ends Gig Employment In San Diego

Spin fires employees just before Christmas A YouTube Commenter suggests it was due to Assembly Bill 5, which Wikipedia says is: California Assembly Bill 5 or AB 5 is a California law which limits the use of classifying workers as … Continue reading

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TV: Mr. Robot Series Finale

“This doesn’t make any fucking sense.” Neither did the series finale of The Prisoner: But that never stopped people from enjoying it. Farewell, Elliot.

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TV: Sticks And Stones

How do you deal with your life falling apart? Thomas Benson (pictured) is the leader of a team of four who do corporate real estate deals. He’s the kind of person who reads a book like this: An important presentation … Continue reading

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December 19, 2019 Winterim

Previously here: The Winterim

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