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Two 3D Cameras For Smartphones

I came across these while researching 3D (not 360VR) cameras. The SVPro attaches to a smartphone (Android only, and only certain phone models) with a screw-on clamp and USB cable. According ot its specs, it records at 2560 X 720 … Continue reading

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Create SBS 3D Videos With Two iPhones

That’s a very exciting and inspiring book to read. Very highly recommended.

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SBS 3D YouTube Explosion

Further research into my recent discovery of SBS (Side-By-Side) 3D video on YouTube has revealed something incredible. The most popular one has over ten million views. It also revealed that I am late to this party. That video was posted … Continue reading

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SBS VR: View-Master

I’m probably very late to this party. There are View-Master-like videos being posted to YouTube. These can be viewed in a Gear VR or other such headset. Some of them are recordings of VR gameplay. Some are promos. But all … Continue reading

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My Poor-Ass Virtual Reality

I’ve been hanging on to these … … since 2005! I never did get to see that special 3D episode, because Shit Happens. And I kept misplacing them because I had to move things around a lot. Well, today I … Continue reading

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Success Story: Touring The View-Master Headquarters

This is so great! While researching View-Master, the video after the break popped up in results. It’s a live TV show I’d never heard of called Success Story and was done on location live(!). This particular episode gives a comprehensive … Continue reading

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1903: A Plea For The Stereoscope

Click any image to enlarge. In light of the LucidCam, the latest incarnation of stereo photography (and videography), I thought this was interesting.

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How View-Master Reels Were Shot

This delightful little film popped up in my YouTube Recommendations (a rare great match!).

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VR180: The Future Of VR Is … View-Master?

Google is launching a new line of cameras for 180-degree VR video Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more VR180 Google invites you to capture the world as you see it with VR180; new cameras … Continue reading

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