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Google’s ADHD Strikes Again: Daydream VR Is Dead

As if we didn’t, ahem, see this coming when Samsung gave up on phone-based VR first. Google discontinues Daydream VR Google’s Daydream, Android’s built-in virtual reality platform, is as good as dead. Following the company’s annual hardware event today, Google … Continue reading

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Good Luck, Android-Based Surface Duo!

Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones Attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that can give them full control of at least 18 different phone models, including four different Pixel … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface Neo, Surface Duo

And BOOM: More craptastic YouTube screensnaps after the break.

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Android Isn’t A Joke. It’s A Nightmare.

238 Google Play apps with >440 million installs made phones nearly unusable The above-linked forum discussing BeiTaAd documents that the plugin has been menacing users for at least seven months. Google’s inability to detect the abuse, either initially when the … Continue reading

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iOS To Android: “Drop Dead!”

I’ve cued the video to 1:55, which is when the iPadOS/iOS Files app action begins. A quick walkthrough at iPadOS on iPad Pro (iOS13) – external drive is accessible with! And that has killed Android d-e-d for me. Here’s … Continue reading

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US$4.00 AirPod Clones

$4 AirPods on Wish Review – Vivian Tries The Comments are hilarious. And now I know two things: 1) These are probably the same thing I’ve seen in a NYC discount store for about US$20. 2) Worth the shot. However, … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal Goes Silly On Apple’s Future

Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. iPhone? If history is any indication, though, America’s favorite handheld device will someday take up residence with the digital camera, the calculator, the pager, Sony’s Walkman and the Palm Pilot in a museum. Although it’s hard … Continue reading

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Xiaomi To Topple Apple?!

Opened Twitter this morning to have my mind blown by @evleaks. A leaked(?) video of a Xiaomi folding phone unlike anything ever seen before. Look! It starts out looking like iPad Mini-size:

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A Video Memo To Every Damn Tech Company

Listen to your users, goddammit! A Video Memo To Tech Companies (Glengarry Glen Ross)

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Smartphone Commodity Usage

Frasier Speirs switching from iOS to Android has really stuck in my mind. Let’s review his thinking in brief: It turned out that, consistently, what I did with my phone was exactly this, in order of screen time: Twitter iMessage … Continue reading

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