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More 2019 iPod Touch Stuff

All images clickable to full size. Sample photo:

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iPod Touch Blog Test

Same-day update: Image is now clickable to full size. Couldn’t insert it that way via iPod Touch due to using WordPress’ “improved” editor.

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The Spy In Your Home, Your Pocket, Your Entire Life

Apps Are Using Background App Refresh to Send Data to Tracking Companies During the course of a week of testing, Fowler ran into 5,400 trackers, mostly found within apps, which Disconnect told him would likely send 1.5 gigabytes of data … Continue reading

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New iPod Touch Announced

Apple press release: New iPod touch delivers even greater performance Let’s cut to the chase: Same screen, same cameras, different CPU. Unknown if more RAM. I’d been agitating for a new iPod Touch. But this … Apple didn’t even try. … Continue reading

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Ten Million Views

And it’s not even my video! I forget the source. All I did was clip out a bit I found fascinating. Jobs was famous for his temper. Yet here, on a public stage, he does some masterful jiu jitsu on … Continue reading

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US$4.00 AirPod Clones

$4 AirPods on Wish Review – Vivian Tries The Comments are hilarious. And now I know two things: 1) These are probably the same thing I’ve seen in a NYC discount store for about US$20. 2) Worth the shot. However, … Continue reading

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Reference: Apple Will Fail You. This Is The Video You Need.

Expert disputes Apple on data recovery from water-damaged iPhones Same-day update: iPad Rehab YouTube Channel

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Rumor: 2019 iPod Touch Announcement Tomorrow

Next-day update: Nope. Apple introduced new AirPods today. Maybe tomorrow? Twitter: Will I wind up with a Likebook Mars and an iPod Touch? Shut up. I’m just as dizzy as you are with the way my mind changes direction! Previously … Continue reading

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The iPad Mini 5 Might Be A BEAST!!

A12 Bionic in New iPad Paired With 3GB RAM, Clocks in at Same Speed as Latest iPhones The first Geekbench benchmark of one of the new iPad models (11,2) surfaced shortly after Apple’s announcement, confirming a 2.49GHz clock speed, identical … Continue reading

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Damn You, iPad Mini 5!

I really like that Likebook Mars. The eInk will help my eyes. And I’m still impressed by that Google Books PDF test. Oh, look! iPad Mini 5! Wait. Didn’t I say I didn’t care? Yeah, but …

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