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Puerto Rico Is Still In Trouble

From the Instagram of artistikem (also see her Twitter): Day #71 after hurricane María hit us and we still have no power at home. 😕 Channeling donations. Hopefully will be able to deliver more during what’s left of this week. … Continue reading

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Cameras Installed At The Post-Terror Attack NYC Bike Path

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November 4, 2017: Post-Attack NYC Bike Path

Concrete barriers at the start of the path across from Battery Park:

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We Have Been Here Too Many Times

Rest in peace. This must stop.

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Lower Manhattan Bike Path Terror Attack

I know this path. All of you have seen photos from it. I’m sometimes walking on it during the weekend to get photos of personal electric transport. Although bollards were installed in several places, the wide entrance from Houston Street … Continue reading

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Second Update From Puerto Rico

From Astrid via Instagram:

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An Update From Puerto Rico

Astrid posted on Facebook (cc’ed me via email): Just wrote this on FB at 4am, fyi: 4am and, luckily, have some cell service again. Lost all signal during the afternoon. There are rumors of another collapse in telecommunications because antennas … Continue reading

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YouTube And The Threats Of HuluYu, AppleYou

I’ve been using YouTube these days as much as I’ve used Twitter in the past. And I’m getting more value out of it than my latter days on Twitter. Just like Twitter, YouTube has a problem. And it’s bigger than … Continue reading

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Amazon Wish List For Hurricane Maria Relief In Puerto Rico

Second note: I’ve been told this post has done some good. So it will remain up until January 1, 2018. If you haven’t contributed, please do. Things are still a wreck down there. Note: This post will be a Sticky … Continue reading

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The Horror Increases

I don’t advocate suicide except in the case of an absolutely incurable and painful illness. Even then, like most Americans, I like to believe that some hope exists and a better ending is possible. However … If you are so … Continue reading

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