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Magic Liars

Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was But at least one of these videos — showing an alien invader video game that let the wearer of the supposed headset or glasses make use of real-world … Continue reading

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Debate One: Trump Vs. Clinton

Twitter: She came prepared. She had answers. She addressed specifics. Trump repeated his slogans. Like a bad commercial that is run on TV until everyone screams when it appears again. After last night, the one question that nags at me … Continue reading

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For Future Reference: Trump’s IQ Claim Tweet


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The Rubes Of Corruption

Dear Mommy Blogger · Josi Denise I made thousands of dollars during months I was focusing and working hard to dig through box after box of shitty as-seen-on-tv like products and share “my 100% honest opinion” about them, that weren’t … Continue reading

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