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The Movie For 2018 (And Do We Need It!)

Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie: Official Trailer Don’t ask me how many times I’ve played that. Or the song. See what it’s like to have the entire world in your hand after the break.

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TheCGBros Livestream: Sample Some Computer-Animated Videos

They’ve recently started running a livestream of CG videos. I’ve been tuning in for a few days. It seems they have a set of videos they’re looping. Some of these are quite good. Some are of startling quality. I won’t … Continue reading

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Video: Bird Rental eScooter Hip Hop Song

Description: When you and your friends have two things in common.. you love to ride bird scooters and twerk!! It’s the Santa Monica thing to do. Bird Scooter Parody “LUV 2 RIDE YA” Points for: “I’m rollin’ right past ya … Continue reading

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Another Analysis Of Collateral

Well, this gets even more interesting for me. The first video I posted here was from August 9, 2018. The one below is from April 27, 2018. Did this one inspire the latter to do an even deeper analysis from … Continue reading

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Documentary: Backpedal. We Need A National Alt-Wheels Movement.

Backpedal is a documentary about the advocacy of bicycling in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a must-see for everyone who wants to move around using something other than the prevailing beasts of transportation. This is not only for cyclists.

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Collateral Seen Through Jungian Eyes

This is a quite amazing analysis: Collateral: Taming the Bull of Masculinity After watching that, I had to see the movie. And did. Without that analysis, I would have viewed the movie simply as a guy who finally got pissed-off … Continue reading

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The Billionaire Boys Club

Back in the 1980s, I learned of The Billionaire Boys Club in an eye-popping article in Esquire magazine [paywalled link]. It was total serendipity. I don’t read Esquire and can’t recall how that issue got into my hands. Who knew … Continue reading

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Documentary: Google And The World Brain

A 2013 documentary about Google Books and the lawsuits and controversy surrounding it. The idea of a “world brain” was first proposed by H.G. Wells (at least in these days; there was once the Library of Alexandria): Wells, however, wound … Continue reading

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The Greatest Soundtrack

The Greatest Showman: WTF? What? A live Broadway show? This would be the first time I’d ever step into one of those places. Bring it! Maybe this is why I keep thinking I’ll be running into Pasek and Paul in … Continue reading

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W.C. Fields’ Never Give A Sucker An Even Break

Which is something P.T. Barnum never said. Never Give a Sucker an Even Break: “a masterpiece of absurd humor.” Not to take away anything from the British, but it’s hard to imagine Monty Python without the influence of W.C. Fields. … Continue reading

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