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The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion, Part Two

Out of the four services, the only one that is consistently and speedily working for me is Cardigan. I’ve used Revoke Access on everything else. Previously here: The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion

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The Future For NYC: Portable Electric Scooters

This is the law in New York State: New York City law only intensifies the stupidity.

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The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion

wikiHow to Delete All Tweets TweetDelete didn’t do much.

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Fuck Twitter, Final Update

Click = big I don’t know why it says I have one Follower. It’s zero, as the text shows. A Chrome extension allowed me to UnFollow everyone within a half hour. Kicking out all of my Followers was a manual … Continue reading

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Fuck Twitter, Update 1

Progress so far: I was not kidding. I am not kidding. Fuck Twitter. All these numbers will go to zero: And Jack Dorsey should resign. He clearly doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. Previously here: The Fuck Twitter Checklist

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The Fuck Twitter Checklist

Twitter has ultimately become its own worst enemy, flooding user timelines with tweets others have Liked. This has bloated timelines, made it impossible to scroll down to catch up, and increased noise over signal. It’s no longer worth the time … Continue reading

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Get Out And Vote, America!

I did. Previously here: Decided

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Debate One: Trump Vs. Clinton

Twitter: She came prepared. She had answers. She addressed specifics. Trump repeated his slogans. Like a bad commercial that is run on TV until everyone screams when it appears again. After last night, the one question that nags at me … Continue reading

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Terrorism In NYC: More SPY FAIL

At about 8:30 Saturday night, I was feeding the cats and getting ready to go to sleep. The TV was off and I was done for the day. So it wasn’t until Sunday morning I discovered what happened, by seeing … Continue reading

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Twitter: Previously here: Trump: A Fraud White Rage

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