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Get Out And Vote, America!

I did. Previously here: Decided

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Debate One: Trump Vs. Clinton

Twitter: She came prepared. She had answers. She addressed specifics. Trump repeated his slogans. Like a bad commercial that is run on TV until everyone screams when it appears again. After last night, the one question that nags at me … Continue reading

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Terrorism In NYC: More SPY FAIL

At about 8:30 Saturday night, I was feeding the cats and getting ready to go to sleep. The TV was off and I was done for the day. So it wasn’t until Sunday morning I discovered what happened, by seeing … Continue reading

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Twitter: Previously here: Trump: A Fraud White Rage

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Victory! The Return Of Diet Pepsi.

Twitter: Pepsi To Reintroduce Aspartame In Diet Drinks I’ll be able to stop drinking that fucking swill called Diet Coke. I thought it was aspartame alone that my brain needed. But drinking that fucking swill Diet Coke revealed there’s some … Continue reading

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The Curse Of Things

Why I don’t want stuff I have no books, knicknacks, decorations, and really no personal items at all. Just some minimal clothing, my laptop, headphones, and not much else. Yeah. Simplicity like that is liberating. If I’d been rich, I’d … Continue reading

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