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Winter Brutality

At post time, it’s 48 days until Spring. Speed it up! Previously here: Two Days Of Murderous Winter

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NYC Snow Squall

Lower Manhattan enveloped in a snow squall. Where I am, it’s almost like a blizzard. One-block visibility. And the white death is sticking!

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Every. Damn. Weekend.

I’ve lost count of how many recent weekends have turned into rainfests. Now this: There’s still time for the forecast to change and for the snow to go elsewhere. Bring Spring! Previously here: The Winterim More Daylight Ahead Arctic Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Are Books The Worst Way To Learn Coding?

I am again dabbling in learning JavaScript. I need to automate some data in my life. I got this book from the library: JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (7th Edition). I tried this before using an online resource. … Continue reading

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The Winterim

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Winter? (Looks at prior posts. Oh.) Anyway, I’ve started to call it The Winterim. The Winter Interim. But I still hate it. I want to be able to walk outside without looking … Continue reading

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I’m Back/NOT Back On Twitter

I check in once a day to see tweets from a handful of companies (and two people) I’m Following. Twitter is the only damn way to keep up and, most importantly, yell at people to fix shit. Not that they’ll … Continue reading

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Me, This Afternoon

But what I’m trying to un-damage from yesterday’s Sneak Attack Snowfall, isn’t a furnace … Furnace scene from A Christmas Story I’ve already assessed the damage, started the un-damaging, but I need to wait for the sun (thank god it’s … Continue reading

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Life Is Weirdd

Speaking of Business: Without Traf-O-Data, ‘Microsoft might not have happened’ One of those freakazoid things that happen in life. I passed by a traffic measuring device yesterday and thought about Gates’ Traf-O-Data venture. And now there’s a quote about it.

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The First Of My I Hate Winter Posts in Late 2018

I don’t give a damn what Science says about it making no difference what the outside temperature is for the human body to be invaded by a cold/flu. My own body says I’m most vulnerable during low temperatures and my … Continue reading

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TV Delivers A Double Dose Of Bad

Catching up on The Resident and The Good Doctor today. And both deliver a dose of bad on a Tuesday. [See update below.] The Resident: The Good Doctor: Pancreatic cancer. The cancer patient died on a Tuesday. Tuesdays have never … Continue reading

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