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Living With A Cat While On The Road

Excellent video. And the Comments are informative too. Traveling Fulltime with a Cat

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Reference: Memory-Interfering Medications

I’ve never seen a list compiled before: 10 Drugs That May Cause Memory Loss Published in 2015. Still useful.

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Reference: Apple Will Fail You. This Is The Video You Need.

Expert disputes Apple on data recovery from water-damaged iPhones Same-day update: iPad Rehab YouTube Channel

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Reference: Electric Unicycle Apps

YouTube Recommendation for the win. I meant to search for this today but IRL interfered with my memory. I was just wondering about such apps last night as I tried to fall asleep. He has a very inexpensive and clever … Continue reading

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Reference: Palm Desktop Download

Palm Desktop Software Install apps and sync calendars, contacts, email, memos, and tasks between your Palm device and desktop PC. Windows 7/8/10 users will need to install Aceeca USB drivers to perform HotSync over USB. (HotSync over Bluetooth is also … Continue reading

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Reference: Onewheel Videos

The introduction of the Onewheel Pint has provided a wonderful relief from my main depressing task of late. Since I haven’t made any Alt-Wheels decision yet, the Pint has put a new … erm … spin on my decision-making, despite … Continue reading

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Suddenly Rich? Stop And Think!

This is probably the best video I’ve yet seen about what to do if you’re suddenly blessed with a large amount of money. I especially love it because the first piece of advice they give is the same one I … Continue reading

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This is a hell of a talk. His delivery at times reminded me of Jim Rohn. An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange | Inc. This was a lightbulb moment: The brain works up to 31% better in a … Continue reading

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A Necessary Reminder

I feel somewhat unclean after the last post — The Anger Machine — and you might feel that way too. Here’s a reminder of what really matters. Second Hand Lions – Things worth Believin’ In Previously here: Human Variables category

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A Video You Never Want To Understand

Gene expression profile predicts response to pembrolizumab Sidenote: You’ve heard of Pembrolizumab from TV. It received Breakthrough status from the FDA and has been commercialized. Its trade name is Keytruda. And yes, I understand enough of that video to know … Continue reading

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