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Even Asus Fails At YouTube Videos

After the break, global brand name Asus posts a YouTube video so devoid of specs you wonder if the two specs mentioned got in by mistake! Advertisements

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Google’s New Android App Restrictions Will Have Nasty Revenge Effects

Play Store to require new and updated apps to target recent API levels and distribute native apps with 64-bit support Starting in late-2018, all new and updated apps will be required to target an SDK that is no more than … Continue reading

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Weekend In Review

Alla the things happen now that I no longer have the borrowed Asus craptab to attempt pictures! 1) Saw my first Swagtron electric scooter in NYC. Running north on the west side bike path Saturday morning. Being ridden by a … Continue reading

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Flossy Carter Does An iPhone X Review

The man speaks the truth and speaks it plainly but with flair. 17 minutes in, he talks about how it feels. A point I brought up. We differ in that he prefers the smaller notch on the Essential Phone. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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The iPhone X & PDF Tests

I don’t know how Apple does it.

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Xiaomi Enters Spain Market, Brings M365 Electric Scooter Too

TechTablets: Live: Xiaomi’s Spain Launch Event. Mi A1, Mi Mix 2 To Launch In Europe Also coming to Spain: Mi electric scooter, Mi Max 2, Mi 6, Redmi series. The Mi scooter will be 349 euros with a limited price … Continue reading

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i3DG: 3D Images Without Glasses

Wow. This is a neat hack!

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Video: Create SBS 3D Video With iPhones (or iPod Touch)

This is from 2011. Another example of how bad YouTube Search is. I’m sure there are plenty of other videos like this one that just aren’t retrieved. It’s been six years, after all! Despite its age, this answers some basic … Continue reading

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Rough Reference: S8, S8+, G6, XZP, iPhone 8 Screen PPI

All specs, except iPhone, taken from GSM Arena. *Here I disagree with everyone else. Everyone is seeing this (via 9to5Mac): And thinking the “function area” will be a permanent placement. I say no. That would be stupid. I think we’ll … Continue reading

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Pawing The Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Ah, the current superphone! It has a 4K screen. Which mainly runs at 1080, except for media, but it can be hacked to make 4K run all of the time (unless you need to make a phone call!).

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