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Everything Ends. Or Does It?

The Time When Buddha Was Lost – an encouraging story for your life Previously here: Human Variables category

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“Addiction Is Profit”

Killer quote: You can’t make the average person buy a course. But you can ruin the life of the ones who do. How to Sell a Course (Shady Millionaire Edition) Previously at Mike Cane’s xBlog: Addiction Runs The World Previously … Continue reading

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Video: The Laws Of Human Nature

I got his book from the library but had to return it unread. It required a span of time to read and contemplate I didn’t have at the time (and still don’t). This was a YouTube Recommendation that popped up … Continue reading

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Onyx Boox Or Boyue Likebook?

I’ve become increasingly wooed by the Onyx Boox eReaders. There is no contest between the software of the Boox and Likebook. Boox wins. The problem I have with Boox is the lack of card slot. Onyx shows this can be … Continue reading

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Demonizing Dollar Stores

Deal or no deal? The expansion of Dollar Stores I live within walking range of three Family Dollar stores (with a fourth under delayed construction!) and a Dollar General. My main gripe is that their damn shelves always need restocking … Continue reading

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Singapore’s LTA Posts Safe Riding Video (Already Outdated!)

Safe Riding Programme Video Regular readers will see the outdatedness in the video: It says PMDs are allowed on footpaths. They are not. They were banned. It’s surprising the LTA posted this just yesterday, a month after the ban! Salt … Continue reading

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New Likebook Ares Note Promo Video

There’s a lot of interest in the Likebook Ares Note at this blog. This video doesn’t have anything new in it but it’s so damn weird in a Big Brother-like way that I have to post it: Likebook 7.8″ Ares … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Sidebar: Battery Progress Videos

This is exciting news from Robert Murray-Smith’s Forward Working Group: Verification of the FWG Energy Storage Device – A Milestone And here is a video from the roving Charbax about another battery company: Ampcera Solid-State Lithium battery 200% more energy, … Continue reading

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Likebook Ares Note: First Owner Video

Before I even played the video, I examined his Channel. Legit buyer. Not a shill account. Unboxing: Boyue Likebook Ares Note eReader As of post time, Amazon is out of stock and tweeted me they have no ETA for more. … Continue reading

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The LiMu Emu Is CGI

LiMu Emu and Doug: Behind The Scenes – Liberty Mutual Insurance Dynamic Duo LiMu Emu and Doug Are the Stars of Liberty Insurance’s New Campaign The VFX team started by shooting a real life emu to create reference footage that … Continue reading

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