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Again: “If You Can’t Make A Living In America, You’re Not Paying Attention”

How These Teen Sisters Make $20 Million a Year on Bath Bombs Caroline and Isabel Bercaw were once obsessed with bath bombs. This was back in their middle school days, when their peers were equally obsessed with the bombs — … Continue reading

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Mr. Inbetween: Season 2 Promo

Ray Shoesmith, a man whose trade is professional violence, is coming back September 12 on FX. Mr Inbetween | Season 2: Official Trailer [HD] | FX There are very few TV/video series that tempt me to watch — even anticipate … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Protests: Not Just Beijing

He spends half his $1300 monthly salary on rent. This is why he’s fighting for a fairer Hong Kong Tse lives in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong’s poorest neighborhood. In the most expensive city on earth, where apartments can cost … Continue reading

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Sundown Is Coming

Oh, it’ll vault upwards again. But when it goes down again, that’s it. And if you’re thinking this will be the end of Trump, you don’t understand the American people who voted him in. Network: Things Are Crazy Previously here: … Continue reading

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Fragility Increases

Investors Ponder Negative Bond Yields in the U.S. A steep slide in U.S. government-bond yields last week wrong-footed investors and left some pondering what was once unthinkable: whether interest rates in America could one day turn negative. Historically, people who … Continue reading

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Inside The House?

Well, this is something I never considered … “the call is from inside the house” When A Stranger Calls(1979).wmv Which house?

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Project Xanadu: A Hypertext “Nelson Document”

Another parallel format– The “Pale Fire” demo, fifty years late It sounds great. And the document can be seen here. I had a problem.

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The Bad Driver Court Prosecution System NYC Needs

It’s past time for a different way of doing things in NYC. With so many cyclists and Alt-Wheels riders attaching cameras to their bikes and helmets, something more needs to be done with that footage other than posting it on … Continue reading

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Worldwide Crybabies: Enough!

Twitter: There’s a video there. I’ve had enough of this bullshit.

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Stochastic Terrorism

There is just a single post at this blog. But it says it all: Stochastic Terrorism: Part 1, triggering the shooters. The stochastic terrorist is the person who is responsible for the incitement. For example they go on radio or … Continue reading

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