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Windows Remote Desktop Via Android eInk eBook Reader

I’m probably the last person to know this could be done. I’ll probably also forget, so this blog post. Boox note nova poke max likebook Mars laptop Remote desktop connect Review see description Previously here: Second Video Of Likebook Ares … Continue reading

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Second Video Of Likebook Ares Note

Nearly a half-hour long and in Vietnamese without English subtitles. It’s from another vested-interest party: retailer Bibox. Aside from the built-in reading and note apps, it also shows voice recording, audio playing, web browsing, a PDF reader (without actually displaying … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Singapore Restricts PMDs

Rogue eScooter riders — who mainly have the kind of eScooter outlawed by the Land Transport Authority — have been making life miserable for people by riding on the street, in building common areas (void decks), and speeding on footpaths. … Continue reading

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Likebook Ares = Onyx Boox Nova Pro Clone?

New 7.8″ Likebook Ares Note Available on Amazon, But the Price is Too High Likebooks are basically Onyx clones, even more so with these new designs. The problem is Likebook’s software isn’t as advanced or as polished as Onyx’s software, … Continue reading

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First Review Of The Likebook Ares

Boyue Likebook Ares Review Take it with a grain of salt. They are the only retailer selling it so they have a vested interest in not disclosing everything. Wait for actual owner reviews before deciding to purchase. Sherry from Boyue … Continue reading

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Likebook Ares Note: The Likebook Mars Update We’ve Wanted

At post time, this is the only video on the entire damn Internet. Not even Boyue has mentioned it in their Twitter feed. Sleeker design, thinner bezel, retains the Mars microSD card slot. They call it a “mini-Alita” and that … Continue reading

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Likebook Mars: eBook Reading UI Breakthrough?

Unfortunately, there’s no high-res version of this video to make it clearer what’s going on. But to me it looks like they’ve created a UI in which it’s possible to have at least four eBooks open at the same time … Continue reading

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“Forest Of The Demon” Is Now Free

After spending some time as a pay-for with Amazon, the marionette movie Forest of the Demon is now free on YouTube. Forest of the Demon Some behind-the-scenes video will be posted later. Something to look forward to! Previously here: “Forest … Continue reading

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iPhone 11 Pro Max: Real-World Camera Footage

There are probably other YouTube videos testing the camera. I haven’t seen those. This is the kind of footage that interests me. iPhone 11 Pro Max – Camera Test with Friday Night Skate My notebook maxes out at 720p playback. … Continue reading

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October 2, 2019 Microsoft Event: Copper Harbor?

I stopped paying much attention and let this get by me: Unlike the Intel Tiger Rapids prototype — which more or less sorta became the basis for the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 — this other prototype consists of two color … Continue reading

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