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Video: First Look At Chuwi MiniBook

Chris over at TechTablets was sent a pre-release version of the Chuwi MiniBook. As shown above, the two USB ports can power a portable hard drive. Specs of his unit (final IGG version will differ):

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“But It’s Windows!”

Playing with the 11” iPad Pro. Haven’t done so in a long time. So fast, so fluid. Now I understand! When this has iOS 13 and Desktop browsing for Safari, it’s all over…

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Chuwi’s MiniBook Seen From Yet Another Vendor

As noted earlier, Chuwi’s MiniBook isn’t the originator of the design. GPD was the first to show it as the Falcon. Now Weibu has its own version, shown in the video below. YouTube Description: Weibu enters the mini-laptops arena with … Continue reading

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A Very Strange Windows Device: Chuwi’s MiniBook

It’s very early in the morning, all of my archive memory hasn’t come online yet, but I can’t help feeling that this has been done before. (See later in post; my brain archives came online while doing this post!) Chuwi … Continue reading

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Reference: Surface Hackintosh

Just putting these here because Firefox is hell for, um, surfacing Bookmarks. SurfaceBook 2 Hackintosh !!!!! Sorry for the Repost | Surface Laptop compatibility Microsoft could probably sell jillions of Surface Laptop 3 if they deliberately designed it to work … Continue reading

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Another Tease Of The Rumored Microsoft Centaurus

Microsoft teases its secret dual-screen Surface device Microsoft has started to demonstrate new dual-screen Surface hardware inside the company. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company recently held an all hands event for its devices team, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Teases January 8, 2018 Announcement

Twitter: I foolishly hope beyond hope that it’s the rumored Centaurus. But it seems too early for that. Microsoft needs to have their own PDF reading app ready. And I don’t think PDFs are even on their radar. That’s bleak. … Continue reading

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Rare Ruby Red Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Twitter: Wait. What?!? I asked. Because I thought he might have put a skin on it. No.

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930: Yet Another Google Books PDF Test

I was frustrated by my inability to get the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 to rotate the screen in the last test. So, really wanting to know, I decided to track down a working unit so I could see some of … Continue reading

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A Devastating Assessment Of Apple

Bob Lefsetz: Apple There are many bits I could quote but this one was like a gut-punch: Microsoft’s Surface is the desktop replacement, not the iPad Pro. Bingo. I never would have thought any Windows hardware could or would lure … Continue reading

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