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Misfit Superheroes For Misfit Readers

Writer Marc Scott Zicree reminds me of another aspect of the late Stan Lee in this video. In Remembrance of Stan Lee Previously here: R.I.P. Stan Lee R.I.P. Artist/Writer Steve Ditko R.I.P. Comedian/Actor Don Rickles Binge-Watch: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man … Continue reading

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Finally, Someone Admits It!

My students assume that when well-respected writers sit down to write their books, they know pretty much what is going to happen because they’ve outlined most of the plot, and this is why their books turn out so beautifully and … Continue reading

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When Wells Met Welles

Here’s a nice break from the rancid politics of the day. H.G. Wells meets Orson Welles on the radio in 1940. A YouTube Commenter points out: Wells was 74 at that time; Welles was 25. Orson Welles Meets H.G. Wells … Continue reading

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More Tech Press Corruption Unveiled

5G Got me Fired This is a cautionary tale. Anyone writing for any publisher in today’s commercial market, where the managed advertorial and native ad seems to be the only way to make money, needs to be cautious. More importantly … Continue reading

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Writer Derek Raymond In 1982 Documentary

YouTube Description: C4, 1992 (this rpt 25/01/1998): “Exec-produced by Keith Griffiths, producer of Radio On, The Cardinal and the Corpse marks the beginning of Petit’s loose partnership with writer Iain Sinclair. There’s a nod towards narrative here involving a book-search … Continue reading

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Book: I Hate The Internet

Take the deceptively-simple style and the sensibility (which includes making yourself a character in your own novel, under a different yet similar name) of a Charles Bukowski and mix it with the outraged truth-telling of a Harlan Ellison and you … Continue reading

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Harlan Ellison On Being Forgotten

I spent last Friday ripping all the videos at Harlan Ellison’s YouTube Channel. Because I expect all of them to disappear at some point. Ellison had publicly stated — probably more than once — that he had a burn notice … Continue reading

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Harlan Ellison Selling Geo Cars

Geo Prism – Car Commercial – Harlan Ellison – Chevy – GM (1989) 1988 Chevrolet Geo Metro Commercial with Harlan Ellison Additional: Wikipedia: Geo (automobile)

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Video: Interview With Writer Steven Pressfield

Wait for the Athens versus Sparta bit. “Gates of Fire” Author Steven Pressfield’s Lessons from the Original Spartans ep.013 Previously here: The War Of Art Human Variables category

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How To Become A Movie Producer (Or Many Other Things)

A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman. Brian Grazer has made movies you’ve seen. I read his book over a year ago. One story stayed with me.

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