Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts

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I began writing about electric scooters as an advocate of allowing them in New York City.

Soon, they will be legal. It will happen sometime this year.

I also saw electric scooters as being important for personal transportation. With Bird renting electric scooters in California (to begin with), many people will come to that conclusion through their own firsthand experience.

Given both of those things, I think my self-appointed job with electric scooters is at an end.

I saw the puck. I see where it is going.

It’s time to find the new puck and its trajectory.

It’s unsurprising that just when I’m ending this run, people are finally discovering all of my electric scooter posts. That’s how it works with me. Keep up!

After the break, all of the electric scooter posts.

August 2017
Spotted In NYC: The SwagCycle
It began here: The Future For NYC: Portable Electric Scooters
Video: 17 Kilometers On An Electric Scooter
Idiocy About Electric Bikes And Why Electric Scooters Will Win
The Middle (Finger) Is Coming
Ideawheel Z5: Intriguing New Electric Scooter
Video: 22.3 Kilometers On A Xiaomi Electric Scooter
Video: Another Carbon Fiber Scooter In NYC
I Watched This Worthless Electric Scooter Video So You Don’t Have To
I Give Up. New Categories: eScooters, 3D Video
The OJO Electric Scooter
The Latest Way To Kill Yourself On A Hoverboard!
Swagtron’s Unclear Marketing Claim
The Electric Scooter Graveyard
The Electric Scooter For Doomsday (And One For Not)
Video: 20 Kilometer Xiaomi Electric Scooter Torture Ride
TuTu Electric Scooter
The Boosted Board People
Scooter Batteries
Video: Russian Hell Commute On An Inmotion L6 Electric Scooter
Xiaomi Scooter English-Language Manual
Video: Disassembly Of Inmotion L8/L8F Electric Scooter
First Sighting Of Third-Gen Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
Linky: Folding Electric Skateboard
Houston First, New York City Upcoming?
Videos: Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Assembly, Repair
Video: FLJ Second-Gen Carbon Fiber Scooter Unboxing
360 Video: Xiaomi Electric Scooter Off-Road
Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Ugh Video

September 2017
Adding An Alarm To A Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter
YouTube eScooter Playlists Begun
Video: Inmotion eScooter Spotted In NYC With eSkateboarders
Swagtron Swagger Sold On QVC
Interesting eScooter In Another Crappy Chinese Promo Video
Mutant Carbon Fiber Scooter Of Imminent Death
Beware: There Is NO New Xiaomi Scooter
Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter
Carbon Fiber Scooter Steering Alignment Defect
Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter Not In Quantity Yet
Some Carbon Fiber eScooters Must-Read Posts
NextDrive Zero 2.0: A Carbon Fiber eScooter Revolution
Why I Despise The Xiaomi M365 eScooter
More About The Revolutionary NextDrive Carbon Fiber eScooter
Live Battery, Dead eScooter
Video: Unbranded Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter eBay Rip-Off
Ninebot/Segway Releases Conventional Electric Scooters
New York City’s War On Personal Electric Transit
Archos Enters Personal Electric Transport Market
Video: Solowheel Vs. Hoverboard Vs. Electric Scooter
Over 4,000km (2,400 miles) On An E-TWOW Electric Scooter Clone
Hey, Kids! Keep Up! The Puck Is Heading Here.
Charging An eScooter With Solar Power
Ninebot/Segway Announces Another Electric Scooter
The Next Generation Of eScooter Designers
2,000 Miles On A Boosted Board Electric Skateboard
Segway CityGo Electric Scooter: Smart Car Wireless Charging
YouTube eScooter Playlists So Far
London Subway Attack: We Were All Warned!
An Electric Scooter That Weighs Just 12lbs (5.5kg)!
Second-Gen E-TWOW/Uscooters Booster Plus Electric Scooter
Woman On A One-Wheel eSkateboard
A New Battery Technology For Personal Electric Transport?
Jack Hot eScooter: Modular Like NextDrive 2.0. What?
Photos: Man On A Boosted Board, Couple On An eScooter
The Singapore Active Mobility Act Of 2017
eScooter Battery Education
Bikes Vs. Cars, Plus Why eScooters Matter
Personal Electric Transport Wins Again
Swagtron Returns To China
Kurt V. Has Over 1,150km (715mi) On His FLJ eScooter
The Worst Marketing In The World Is For Electric Scooters
Cars Still Get All The Breaks, When Will eScooters?
A Couple Does Better Marketing Than Any eScooter Maker
eSkateboards Surpass eScooters In Marketing
Photo: Couple On eScooters In NYC
Photo: Man On Boosted Board In NYC Chinatown
Photos: Man On Monster Segway, Man With E-TWOW
Ford Motor Company To Sell OJO-Made eScooters. Or Not.
Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1 Detailed Examination
Kiwano One-Wheeled eScooter Of Death
Dyson Joins Electric Car Competition
Sinclair C5: Still Utterly Ridiculous
You Won’t Believe This One Weird eScooter Trick
Wingman Smartboard
Brookstone CityBug2 Electric Scooter Undercuts Xiaomi Price
Video: Another Swagtron Commuter In NYC!
Video: Plan To Film Your eRide? Get A Gimbal!
Another Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Review
The Strange Meepo Electric Skateboard
“Oh My God! I’m So Happy Right Now!”
Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1 Park Unboxing
Sexy Selling Of Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1

October 2017
SwagCycle = InMotion P1
Kiwano eScooter Of Death Available In America
Singapore Goes For Muscular eScooters
Jermaine Ellis Tries An Electric Scooter
eScooter Battery Education, Part Two
That Damn Hoverboard!
The Call Of The Electric Skateboard Is Strong
Xiaomi eScooter Owner Gets A Meepo eSkateboard
Photos: Personal Transport, October 15, 2017
Singapore Pushes For “Car-Lite” Nation
The Crowdfunding Scam
Maps Of Publicly-Accessible AC Outlets
More Evidence For Personal Electric Transport
Video: Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES-1 Review
A Surprising Electric Scooter Video
Electric Scooter Rental: Bird In Los Angeles
Lower Manhattan Bike Path Terror Attack

November 2017
Paper Batteries
The Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Is Getting Closer To Release
ELE-GO: Another Stupid Electric Scooter Campaign
In An Age Of Touchscreens, Electric Scooters Are In The Dipswitch Age
NYC’s Idiot Mayor
November 4, 2017: Post-Attack NYC Bike Path
Xiaomi Enters Spain Market, Brings M365 Electric Scooter Too
Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES-1 & ES-2 Compared
Unusual Folding Electric Scooter
A Better-Than-Most Electric Scooter Promo Video
Crowdfunded Groover Electric Scooter
Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES-2 Video Only For The Hardcore
Weekend In Review
TechTablets Reviews NextDrive 2.0 Electric Scooter
Video: 1,000km (621mi) Review of Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter
They Should Call This The “Ride And Die”
TechTablets Reviews Zoom Stryder Electric Scooter

December 2017
Video: Kurt V. Unboxes The New S5 Dual-Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
The Transportation Tunnelvision Of The MSM
eSkateboards Surpass eScooters In Marketing, Part 3,057
FWG’s C6 Power Blade Battery
Kurt V. Reviews The S5 Dual-Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
Every Electric Skateboard Customer Is Your Marketer
Electric Transport Miscellany
Communique From The Maker Of The Dual-Motor S5 Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
Micro Kickboard’s New 2018 Electric Scooters
SEEV In Korea Makes A Screwy Skateboard-Scooter
New Electric Scooter: Cityrover
Your YouTube Video Is The Most Important Day Of Your Life
More Details About The New YJC Cityrover Electric Scooter
New MOBOT Nimbast Electric Scooter
Video: Near-Complete Disassembly Of Inmotion L6 Electric Scooter

February 2018
Archos Creates Its Own Android-Powered Electric Scooter

March 2018
Bob Lefsetz Writes About Personal Electric Transport
CityRover S5 Dual-Motor eScooter Reaches American Reviewers
Ninebot/Segway ES-1 Electric Scooter Can Be Ordered In U.S. Through Amazon!
Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Available In The U.S. Through Amazon
Ninebot/Segway ES-2 Electric Scooter Can Be Ordered In U.S. Through Amazon!

April 2017
The Bird Electric Scooter Revolution
It ended here: eBikes On The Way To Being Legal In NYC

It was supposed to end there. Then Swagtron ruined my plan:

Swagtron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter: A Xiaomi M365 Clone

It seems I will still be doing eScooter posts from time to time. I will dump the new ones here:

San Francisco To Regulate Electric Scooter Rentals
Bicycle Blogger Posts About A Bird eScooter Invasion
eScooters Are Hot. Next!
Onan Announces An Electric Scooter
Boosted Boards Founders Launch Electric Scooter Rental Company
Xiaomi M365 Crash In VR
Swagtron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter Listed For Sale: US$399
San Francisco Begins Electric Scooter Rental Regulations
Bird eScooter Rentals Gets Bigger Wings
The Ongoing eScooter Rental Wars
How Will Singapore Treat Dockless eScooter Rentals?
Another Skater Reaches The eScooter Puck
Video: Singapore’s Personal Electric Transport Regulations In 60 Seconds
The eScooter Rental War Chests Increase
Customize The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Firmware
eScooter Rental Opponents: You’ve Lost. Get Over It.
Lime Poisons The Electric Scooter Rental Well
Electric Scooter Rental Overkill?
First SwagCycle Can Use InMotion P1 App
The Scooter Rental Money Black Hole
New eScooter Rental Funding And Now Bikes Go Dockless Too
Bird eScooter Rental Founder Sells Some Stock
New eScooter: QMY Swan
Lime eScooter Rentals Go To Paris
First Video: Lime eScooter Rentals In Paris
Overeager Bird eScooter Rental Recharger
Bird & Lime eScooter Rentals: Behind The Scenes
eScooter Rental News
This Is A Graft Post Wherein I Teach Bird, Lime, And Others How To Outwit NYC For eScooter Rentals
Citymapper Adds Bike Shares And eScooter Rentals
City Of Los Angeles Proposes Open Source eScooter Rental Data Collection
eScooter Rental TV Ad: “Ride It. You’ll Like It!”
Video: What An eScooter Crash Looks Like
Spin In Boston Dumps Bikes For eScooter Rentals
Crown Wheel Introduces Another Electric Scooter
A Silly Call For “Scooterways”
Vespa Single-Wheel eScooter?
Screwball Solar-Powered Xiaomi M365 eScooter
Faceplant On A Bird Rental eScooter
Uber-Lime eScooter Rentals
What’s A “Vehicle”?
Alert: Are Lime eScooter Rentals Fragile?
What Faceplanting On An eScooter Looks Like
Another Overeager Bird eScooter Rentals Recharger
If Hitchcock Made “The Birds” Today …
Doc-Hello: The World’s Expert For The Xiaomi M365 eScooter
Uber And Lyft Will Take Over the eScooter Rentals Market?
Brainless Mayor Allows Dockless Bikes In New York City
MaaS: Mobility As A Service And The Macro, Micro, Nano
Freego Electric Scooters
Trump Trade Tariffs On eScooters
Uber All The Things?
Backward-Thinking “Leadership” Ruins New York City
Some Interesting eScooter Bits
A Podcast About eScooters In Canada
Smug Tax-Sucking Portland City Official Reveals eScooter Prejudice
Lime Rental eBikes In The Hood
Jump Rental eBikes In The Hood
Video: Electric Scooter Battery Fails And Explodes
eScooter Rentals: A Civil Rights Issue? Hell Yes!
Another Last-Mile Problem: Package Delivery
New eScooter Battery Tech Coming?
Exploding eScooter Identified
The eSkateboard 800-Pound Gorilla: Xiaomi!
NYC’s Idiots In Charge Cap Uber/Lyft
Someone Else Catches On To eScooter Rentals
NYC Transit Meltdown While eScooter Rentals Prohibited
No-Life Loser Morons Destroy Rental eScooters
Razor Gets An eScooter Rental Permit
Bird Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Man Broken Jaw
Lime Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Woman Black Eyes
Electric Scooter Planet
Documentary: Backpedal. We Need A National Alt-Wheels Movement.
eScooters: Skip Rental, Zero 10X, Neistat
What Happens To Used Bird & Lime Rental eScooters?
Video: Bird Rental eScooter Hip Hop Song
Video: eScooter Rentals Vs. Government
The Political Divide Of eScooter Rentals
Video: Lime Low-Income Promo Video
Video: How NOT To Ride A Lime Rental eScooter
eScooter Rentals Coming To NYC?
Another Video About eScooter Rentals Coming To NYC
Watch This First If You Want To Recharge Rental eScooters
Uber Admits Defeat In Face Of eScooters
He Tried Recharging Lime Rental eScooters Again. And Quit.
Bird Rental eScooter … Um … Documentary. Ummmm.
Idiots Destroying Rental eScooters. Cops Confiscating Them.
Bird/Lime Rental eScooter Video Of Utter Horror
Video: Overconfident eScooter Rider Pinwheel Crashes
Another Bird Rental eScooter “The Birds” Parody
Bird Rental eScooters Welcomed At A University
Asshat Political Quote Of The Year Re: Bird eScooter Rentals
More Insider Tips On Recharging Lime Rental eScooters
More Evidence Of Political Hypocrisy Re: Alt-Wheels
Rental eScooters Are Liked By Most People
The Uber-Jump Custom Rental eScooter Is Coming
Video: eScooter Taxi Door Crash In NYC
First Rental eScooter Death
Bird Rental eScooters Destroyed By Midwest Hicks
PopScoot Rental eScooters In Singapore
Ashton Kutcher Gets It Right About Rental eScooters
Yet Another Damn Bird Rental eScooter Song
Alt-Wheels Lead The Cover Of The Economist
Jim Carrey + Bird Rental eScooter = Cringe!
Jimmy Kimmel: “Grown-Ups Don’t Scoot”
Norfolk, Virginia Fights The Bird Rental eScooter Future
Skip CEO On San Francisco Choosing Their Rental eScooters
Surprise! Rental eScooters Can Lead To Injuries!
John Stossel Catches On To Rental eScooters
Doug Hnut Video: Adding A Battery Pack To A Xiaomi M365 eScooter
Lime Rental eScooters In Kansas City
Video: Another Report On Rental eScooter Injuries. This Time, Bird.
Video: American Review Of Zoom Stryder eScooter
Doc-Hello Creates Color Screen For Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter
TechTablets Review InMotion L8F Electric Scooter
Another TV News Facepalm Video About Bird Rental eScooters
Lime Rental eScooter Pinwheel Crash: Two Broken Arms!
Don’t EVER Ride Alt-Wheels Like This!
Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES Control Board Problem?
UCal Understands The Alt-Wheels Central Issue
City In Spain Bans Cars: Would They Allow Rental eScooters?
Bird Rental eScooter: New Model Deployed
Hospital Spits On Visitors By Impounding Rental eScooters
WTF Bird Rental eScooter Retrieval
Lime eScooter Rental Lies To Reno, Nevada
Xiaomi M365 eScooter Now At Xiaomi’s U.S. Site
Idiots Open Their Yaps About Rental eScooters
Bird Rental eScooters: Recharge Rates Slashed
A New Problem: Rental eScooters And High-Security Sites
Lime Rental eScooters Fights And Releases Stats
California State Law: Rental eScooter Riders Don’t Need Helmets
eSk8 Company Inboard Announces An eScooter
Video: Bird Rental eScooter Rider Hit By Pickup Truck
More About Reno, Nevada And Lime Rental eScooters
Video: Catastrophic Failure Of A Xiaomi M365 eScooter (And Their Customer Service!)
Bird: 10 Million Rental eScooter Rides
Video: How NOT To Be Cool On An eScooter
Second Rental eScooter Death
Underage Rental eScooter Riders Are Creating The Future
eBikes In China: eScooters To Americans
Video: eScooter Design Flaw & Safety Tips
Apple Watch Fall Detection
Washington, D.C. Action Ride For Rental eScooter Death
Tesla Autopilot Doesn’t Recognize eScooters
Rental eScooters: “You Can’t Regulate Stupidity”
Idiot Spraypaints Bird Rental eScooter
Uber Public AC Outlets?
Rental eScooters: The First Drunk Rider Conviction
Cars Vs. People: Cars Winning In Collisions
Lime Starts Trouble In San Francisco’s People’s Paradise
Jump eScooter Appears, Plus More San Francisco Controversy
What The Yellow Rental eScooter Looks Like
Commuter On Bird Rental eScooter
Video: eSkateboard Compared To eScooter
Another Drunk Rider Of A Rental eScooter
Rental eScooters: Attorney Explains Liability Issues
THIRD Parody Of “The Birds”
Details Of Bird’s New Rental eScooter Model: “The Tank”
The Resident s2e2: eScooters And Medical Device Wonders
Doug Hnut Reviews Xiaomi M365 eScooter Tires
Swagtron Swagger 5 Screwball Brake Fix
WARNING: Don’t Count On Ninebot/Segway Or Xiaomi Warranties!
Long Beach, California Police Explain eScooter Rules
Lime Promotes At Paris Fashion Week
Bird’s New Rental eScooter Is Called The “Bird Zero”
Lime Rental eScooters Hanging From Trees
Rental eScooters Drop Dead Within A Month Of Public Use!
Car Drivers: Use The Dutch Reach!
Another Anti-Rental eScooter, Pro-Bike Article
Video: Lime Recharger Injured When Rental eScooter Breaks
Lime Doesn’t Quit San Francisco Rental eScooter Battle
Video: San Francisco Rental eScooter Rules
Dick Cyclist Uses Bird Rental eScooter For Vandalism
Video: The Rental eScooter War
eScooters Do Not Suspend The Law Of Inertia
Lime Rental eScooter To Open Store
New eScooter Rental Companies In Europe
eScooter Rental Companies Targeted By Class Action Lawsuit
eScooter Catch-Up/Catch-All Post
Rental eScooters Reach New Zealand
Video: Why eScooter Rental Businesses Will Fail
CHP Catches Idiot/Daredevil Bird Scooter Rental Rider On Freeway
Xiaomi Versus Lyft In Rental eScooter Modifications
Lime Admits Rental eScooter Battery Fire Hazard
Swagtron: No More Carbon Fiber Scooters; New Pro eScooter
South Park Does eScooters
Swagtron Finally Posts Promo Video For Swagger Pro SG3 eScooter
General Motors Enter Alt-Wheels Market With eBikes
Bird Rental eScooters Enter England Via Loophole
Waves: A New eScooter Rental Startup
Kurt V. Resurfaces With A New eScooter: Hero S5 Pro
WTF: Ford Motor Company Acquires Spin eScooter Rental
MTA Chairman Resigns. When Does NYC Get eScooter Rentals?
Another Bird Rental eScooter Horror Video
Promo Video: Mobisun eScooter
More About Ford Motor Company And Spin Rental eScooter
Muscular eScooter With Removable Battery
Video: Factory That Clones Xiaomi M365 eScooter
Video: Wannabe Bird Rental eScooter TV Ad
Lime Recalls Rental eScooters Due To Crap Manufacturing
Unagi eScooter
Density, Distance, But What About Most Kind Of Trip Taken?
How Rental eScooters Affect Uber, Lyft, And Other “Rideshares”
Idiot Rides eScooter On Sidewalk. Inevitable Happens.
Rental eScooters To Save NYC Commuters, Kill MTA?
The History Of Segway
Another Rental eScooter Death
Lime eScooter Rentals Replacing Car Trips
If Segways Are For Dorks, Then This Is For Dicks
Don’t Buy An eScooter For Christmas
Rental eScooter Economics And Prospects
NYC’s NYCEWheels Stops Selling eScooters Due To Law
Superpedestrian Superhype
Alt-Wheels Riders: Obey The Traffic Laws Or This Happens
Police Auction Impounded eScooters. Clever People Buy Them.
Alt-Wheels Maker Ninebot/Segway Profiled
Bird Rental eScooter Promo Video
Rental eScooters And ALL Alt-Wheels WILL Win
eSkateboard Maker Acton Gets Into Rental eScooters
Taiwan Government Promotes Conventional Electric Scooters
Converting An Auctioned Bird Rental eScooter To Private Use
Inboard Glider eScooter Promo Videos
Google Maps Adds Lime Bike/eScooter Rental Locations
Video: eMicro (aka Micro) Merlin eScooter
Micro, Not Razor, Created The Modern Kick Scooter
Video: Student-Made Speculative Bird eScooter TV Ad
Lime Rentals Issues Year-End Report And Omits A Vital Stat
An Insider’s View Of Bird Rental eScooter Damage
The Perils Of A Blog
NYC Needs Rental eScooters NOW. Transit Meltdown Ahead.
Weather Versus Lime Rental eScooters = Layoffs
Making Things Worse
Bird Rental eScooters: To Live And Ride In L.A.
Boosted eScooters?
Bah, Humbug! I Just Can’t Resist This.
December 26, 2018: My Final eScooter Post

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