How To Use This Blog

Since the readership of this blog is variable and consists mainly of people who wander in from outside links (which I can’t see!) and search terms (which are also hidden from me!), I thought I’d do this short guide so people can get the most out of this joint.

1) Check the date the post was published.

This is a popular post recently:

You might be reading something out of date. To see if there’s anything new …

2) Use the Search box above the calendar at the top of the right sidebar (or at the bottom of a scroll on mobile).

I try to be consistent in blog post subject titles, so searching for Ninebot or Segway will call up all posts, with the most recent at top.

2a) Click on a Calendar date if you can recall reading a post recently but not its title.

That will display all posts published on, for instance, last Friday.

3) Most posts shows prior posts at the end of the post.

Those links aren’t AI or otherwise machine-generated. I put them in myself. Not all posts get them, however. Use the Search box to see if others on that topic exist.

4) All posts are in a Category (see right sidebar; on mobile this could be a drop-down menu).

5) Electric scooter posts have their own chronological index.

That’s because my interest has shifted to electric skateboards and I now do few electric scooter posts.

Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts

6) I’m keeping a tally of books I’ve read in 2018.

I mention what I’ve read each weekend in my weekend review posts. This is an ongoing list to make finding a book easier.

2018 Books Read

7) Do me a favor back: Point out typos in posts!

They get by me all the time. Dammit.