World Exclusive: Jodie Whittaker As The New Doctor

I’ve got world exclusive photos from the first episode of Jodie Whittaker as The New Doctor!

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The World Degrades Into A Philip K. Dick Nightmare

What would PKD have even thought of this? Not once in his work did he even allude to it!

Law professor warns: Congress must act on growing sexbot industry

This bit:

… experts disagree on the consequences of allowing people to engage in mock acts of rape with humanoid dolls …

How quickly will someone self-publish Do Sexbots Dream Of Electric Rape?

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Video: Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

I had to watch this twice. Just to laugh again at the battle with the replicator.

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The HBO Hack: It’s Criminal

HBO Hackers Leak Top Executive’s Emails
HBO Hackers Obtained Executive Emails, Additional Documents
Game of Thrones stars’ personal details leaked as HBO hackers demand ransom
Hackers demand millions in ransom for stolen HBO data

The hackers claim it took them six months to break in. That means this hack isn’t a protest against that stupid alt-Civil War series HBO has proposed. That series was announced less than a month ago. This is clearly long-range pre-meditated criminal activity with coincidental timing.

Anyone happy that HBO was hacked had better re-examine their position.

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Daydream VR With Any Cardboard-Like Headset

After the break, part one of what will be a two-parter about getting Daydream VR to work on any Cardboard-like VR headset.

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Reference: Format LucidCam 180 for YouTube 360

LucidCam has posted instructions. They require having After Effects. What about people who don’t?  Something is unclear.

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Video: Be Wary Of Non-Daydream View “Daydream” Headsets

After the break, a review of the BoboVR Z5 headset. Some people might think it’ll do Daydream View VR at half the price.


This is another example of you get what you pay for.

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Twitter’s Pivot To Shit

A controversial ex-banker is the person who really runs Twitter — and he’s gambling the company’s future on one risky bet

… Noto is the de facto day-to-day leader as Twitter attempts to fix its ailing business.

And Noto has a plan. His goal is to remake Twitter into more of a media company with 24-hours-a-day of live video, a place where people watch breaking news and discuss it. He wants the world to stop seeing it so much as a social network competing with Facebook.

So the destruction of timelines is intentional. Less social, more shut the fuck up and watch teevee.

Anthony Noto, 49, was a star football linebacker at West Point and then served as an Army Ranger before getting his MBA. He spent most of his career at Goldman Sachs working up to become the head of the powerful Technology, Media and Telecommunications unit. He left Goldman for a three-year stint as CFO of the NFL in 2008, when the economy crashed.

If I had to profile someone who was totally unfit to lead — and who could never understand — Twitter, that would be the profile.

That profile also explains why the number of Daily Active Users is not being made public. He’s running a financial scam. His Goldman Sachs roots are showing.

Good luck with that brute at the helm.

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R.I.P. Actor Hywel Bennett

​Hywel Bennett, star of television and film, dies aged 73

A great loss.

I saw him first in The Family Way. He co-starred again with Hayley Mills in Endless Night. He appeared in two Dennis Potter series, Pennies from Heaven and Karaoke.

I was extraordinarily lucky and saw him starring in one of the best two Britcoms ever made: Shelley and its sequel The Return of Shelley.

He will be missed. Rest in peace.

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Just watch the two videos after the break.

You’ll be glad you did.

And be amazed too!

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