R.I.P. John Hurt, Actor

John Hurt, Oscar-Nominated Star of ‘The Elephant Man,’ Dies at 77 (Report)

Once upon a time, television was very different.

And that difference allowed England’s Thames TV to buy a week of prime airtime on NYC’s then-independent local station, WOR 9.

For a week we had what was called “Thames on 9.” It was glorious.

One of many high points was a drama called The Naked Civil Servant, about the life of Quentin Crisp.

It starred John Hurt.

He was one of the finest actors I’d ever seen.

When it was announced he was cast for the title role in The Elephant Man, I knew it was a movie not to be missed. Only he could have done it. And he did.

Many other roles followed, some just as memorable (you must catch him as Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four).

And now his time has ended.

Rest in peace. You did magnificent work.

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Test Post

As of yesterday.

But I didn’t have a stand with me to prop up the tablet. So no post.

Today I have the stand. But I’m not inclined to do a post.

But I did get the JotterPad app to do text in.

This was done in it. Using the on-screen keyboard and lots of word completion.

However, the more I consider the complexity of doing a post — one with several photos between paragraphs — with this tablet, the more I think about really needing a Chromebook.

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Bluetooth Keyboard Test Ahead

I own the Bluetooth version of this keyboard:


It’s from DataComp, who no longer makes it.

At one time, I had it working with my now-dead Palm LifeDrive.

I’m going to see if I can get it working with the borrowed Asus MeMoPad 7.

Stand by.

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Hugo Barra Dumps Xiaomi For Facebook/Oculus!

Who even knew he was interested in VR?  And lead Oculus too? Where’s Palmer Luckey?

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Testing WordPress Android App

I’ve been using a borrowed Asus MeMo Pad 7. These specs:

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Mr. Robot: Elliot’s Building Has Changed!

It used to look like this:

That red building, as captured on Google Maps. Continue reading

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Blog Suspension Continues

I have to deal with a bunch of complications in my life, post-this.

So I’m not sure yet when I’ll be able to get back to posting here.

I do manage to do what looks like wasting time on Twitter, however. But that’s solely due to being able to borrow an Asus MeMoPad 7 (not a recommended device, by the way). However, I’m mainly cranky there and my communication is also constrained, so I mainly retweet things in-between posting excerpts from a Disney biography I’m currently reading.

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Magic Liars

Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was

But at least one of these videos — showing an alien invader video game that let the wearer of the supposed headset or glasses make use of real-world objects — was created by visual effects studio Weta Workshop. Prior to today, it was believed Weta had simply created the visual assets for the game. However, The Information reveals the entire video was created by the studio.

How about all of the videos, especially the fraudulent one after the break.

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The Missing: Series Two


This has to be binge-watched. It gets confusing on a weekly basis.

Clearly superior to the first series but I don’t like the time-switching. It doesn’t make it interesting to watch, it makes it frustrating. It would have been better told chronologically.

The Achilles’ Heel of this series is the parents. There’s only so much a viewer can take of seeing them distraught. That made the first series very annoying. The writers of Forbrydelsen understood this problem and cast a wide conspiratorial net to take the focus off the parents. Had this series been done as a chronological story, we’d have less of the parents and their emotional upset.

The best thing was the character of Julien Baptiste, as in the first series. His character was actually the heart of the story and that made all other annoyances worth suffering through.

If there’s a third series, even more Baptiste. And tell it chronologically, dammit.

Previously here:

The Missing, Series 2, Episode 1

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Not Back Quite Yet

There will be sporadic posts for the time being.

People expecting my weekly TV posts will remain disappointed. I am far behind in all viewing except for one show, The Missing, that will get a brief wrap-up post.

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