NYPD Talks A New Policy Towards Cyclists And Accidents

Too late to include in Alt-Wheels Notes #6. Just as well. This needs its own post.


And because the NYPD has justifiably created widespread skepticism, I put that video on YouTube:

Chief Terence A. Monahan, NYPD Chief of Department on Ticketing Cyclists After Accidents

Let’s see how long this lasts. Or if it even ever begins!

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Alt-Wheels Notes #6

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How Can We Become Digital Ants?

At post time, Twitter is down.

Reddit was down too earlier in the day.

Gizmodo made an interesting observation: Reddit Is Down as the Summer of Outages Continues

Previously, I wrote:

Expect hacks to disrupt things we never expected. The first moves will be to create irritation, not chaos. To undermine our ability to trust those in charge of systems and things. Such disruptions will be blamed on “software” or “hardware failure,” not attackers, in order to shield those who never took cybersecurity as seriously as they should have. No one in charge wants a population asking, “What’s next?”

What I didn’t have in mind at the time were any of the sites brought down.

Those are soft targets.

Which in itself could be scary. I wonder what’s going on at U.S. Cyber Command today? Are they regarding these outages as a prelude to hard targets?

At least no one will die because Twitter and Reddit are down (at least, I hope not!). It’s irritating, yes, but there are plenty of other things to do in life.

Like watch YouTube.


Previously here:

2020: Year Of The Ant
2020 Is Coming. Be An Ant. Not A Grasshopper.

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Alt-Wheels Notes #5


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The Three Truths Of David Goggins

Ignore this at your own risk.

David Goggins: My 3 Truths In Life

Previously here:

More About David Goggins
Escaping Your Mind
Embrace The Suck
Human Variables category

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UK Channel 5: Cyclists: Scourge Of The Streets?

Channel 5 in the UK did a one-hour documentary about … well, basically everybody versus cyclists.

Was there anything unexpected in it?

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Alt-Wheels Protest In NYC

My schedule prevented me from attending this evening. I monitored local cable news station NY1.

From their video and photos posted by others on Twitter, it looked like an impressive gathering. An official count awaits.

It’s been a deadly year so far for cyclists. Let’s hope for no more deaths.

Previously here:

July 9, 2019: Alt-Wheels Protest In NYC

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RuPaul Tries To Red Pill Drivers


Yes. Wake up!


Red pill and blue pill

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Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued (Again)

From Nazis to hippies: End of the road for Volkswagen Beetle

The United States became Volkswagen’s most important foreign market, peaking at 563,522 cars in 1968, or 40% of production. Unconventional, sometimes humorous advertising from agency Doyle Dane Bernbach urged car buyers to “Think small.”

Some of the best print and TV ads ever.

The fiftieth anniverary of the Moon landing is coming up too. What a year to end the Beetle!

Previously here:

Volkswagen To Do WTF Electric Sitting Scooter
Alt-Wheels Notes #4
Imagine This …
When Advertising Was Absolute Genius

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R.I.P. Entrepreneur H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot, self-made billionaire, patriot and philanthropist, dies at 89

His story was in more than one book I’ve read over the decades.

How can you not admire someone who organized

… a strike team that rescued two of his EDS employees from an Iranian prison in 1979.

Perot assembled the commando team of seven EDS employee volunteers, trained and led by Arthur “Bull” Simons, that freed Paul Chiapparone and Bill Gaylord from Tehran’s Qasr Prison.

Perot personally oversaw the mission, flying to Tehran during the planning phase and greeting the rescued employees and raiders when they arrived in Istanbul.

That daring rescue became the basis for Ken Follett’s 1983 nonfiction thriller, On Wings of Eagles. NBC later made a TV miniseries about the mission.

Rest in peace.

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