Past Posts: eInk Screensavers

These two posts were published in 2011(!) at Mike Cane’s xBlog:

Screensavers For eInk eBook Devices

More eInk Screensavers

Back then, eInk eBook readers mainly had screens of 600×800 resolution.

Today, the new Likebook Ares Note has a screen at 1404×1872.

So, I’m not saying those old posts will necessarily be useful (I didn’t check out what they link to — so beware of possible 404s) but perhaps they will give people some ideas to create their own.

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: NY Governor Vetoes Alt-Wheels Bills

See the Assembly and Senate websites for yourself: Assembly Bill A7431B, Senate Bill S5294A, and Senate Bill S6597.

Streetsblog: BREAKING: Cuomo Vetoes Overwhelmingly Popular Bill to Legalize E-Bikes

NY Daily News: Cuomo vetoes bill to legalize e-bikes and give relief to immigrant delivery workers

NY Post: Gov. Cuomo vetoes bill legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters

What else should have been expected from a bleeding-heart leftoid hand-wringer who thinks it’s his job to be Big Daddy and keep everybody saaaaaafe?

Earlier in the year (as noted in Alt-Wheels Notes #10), a fellow Democrat raised himself onto his hind legs to bray:

“I’m hopeful and confident the governor will recognize the extraordinary level of support this bill received,” said Sen. Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo). “It passed the Senate 56-6. It passed the Assembly, 137-4, so it sure is veto-proof. I’m confident he’ll sign it.”

But here we are, late in the year, and what’s the reality for the future? This:

The Ramos-Rozic bill passed in June with veto-proof majorities in the Senate (56-6) and the Assembly (137-4). But it was not formally “sent” to the governor until Tuesday because it was unclear if he would sign it. And with the legislature out of session until January, lawmakers would have to call a special session to over-ride the veto, an unlikely scenario.

As it is now, the legislature will have to re-pass an altered bill (or the same bill) and send it back to the governor.

Kennedy should have shut his yap months ago.

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Scratching My Head In Public…

This surprised me:

And since no one reading those posts left any kind of damn comment, I have no idea why they came and what they got from the posts.

Looking at my stats, Alt-Wheels-related posts have had the most readers. So to see posts about eBook readers pop is surprising.

Maybe those device owners might be interested in this post: An Experiment In ePub eBooks.

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Likebook Ares Note: Owner Video From China

Since videos of the Likebook Ares Note have not been popping up on YouTube (are all of the recent purchases Christmas presents?), I went on a minor hunt. Youku videos failed to play for me in either Firefox or Chrome. But I found one from the Chinese video site BiliBili from user Debbieella that is interesting.

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Looking Backward

At one time, my blogs had a year-in-review post. I stopped doing those.

Today, I came across a decade-in-review article.

I won’t be doing either a year-end or decade-end post here.

If anyone here wants to “look back” at anything, I recommend the Human Variables category.

I’m all for looking ahead.

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Alt-Wheels Bills FINALLY Sent to NY Governor

All three of the Alt-Wheels bills have been sent to the hand-wringing Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo.

See the Assembly and Senate websites for yourself: Assembly Bill A7431B, Senate Bill S5294A, and Senate Bill S6597.

Should Cuomo veto them, let me repeat my proposed amendments:

In every locality that an eScooter rental company enters, they must hold thirty days of free lessons to people in a variety of locations. A full damn month of teaching people how to ride and the local laws about riding (because each municipality can set their own conditions) should increase the safety factor. These 30 days of free lessons should be held before any rental eScooter company is allowed to deploy their fleet to the public at large.

Add that if needed, get the Assembly and Senate to agree, and sign the damn bills!

Previously here:

Alt-Wheels Bulletin

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R.I.P. Randy Suess, BBS Creator

Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74

Randy Suess, a computer hobbyist who helped build the first online bulletin board, anticipating the rise of the internet, messaging apps and social media, died on Dec. 10 in Chicago. He was 74.


In the late 1970s and on into the ’80s, as word of their system spread through trade magazines and by word of mouth, hobbyists across the country built their own online bulletin boards, offering everything from real-time chat rooms to video games. These grass-roots services were the forerunners of globe-spanning social media services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

What’s the bigger shock to me is that this obit is appearing in The New York Times. Fourteen days later, but still.

I clued into BBSes in the early 1980s. I worked at a consultancy that should have embraced them. Instead, I was the lone wolf who could see they were the future, not national networks such as The Source and CompuServe (and, later, Delphi, and even later, the accursed AOL). And here we are with the Internet, which is really nothing but zillions of BBSes.

Rest in peace, Randy. And thank you.

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Video: The Laws Of Human Nature

I got his book from the library but had to return it unread. It required a span of time to read and contemplate I didn’t have at the time (and still don’t).

This was a YouTube Recommendation that popped up today and managed to grab my attention.

It’s not a substitute for reading the book but it’s damn informative and interesting. Greene doesn’t look anything like I imagined (he looks like a writer!).

Within the first fifteen minutes, you’ll want to refer to these two prior posts because I Told You So: “Pull The String! Pull The String!” and Jung/Jordan Peterson: “Pull The String!”. Ed Wood understood what Robert Greene confirms.

Robert Greene: “The Laws of Human Nature” | Talks at Google

This is actually the perfect time to watch this video. Most of us will be dealing with other people on Christmas day — those people being relatives. This video could help with managing that.

Previously here:

Human Variables category

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Alt-Wheels Bulletin: Spin Rental eScooter Ends Gig Employment In San Diego

Spin fires employees just before Christmas

A YouTube Commenter suggests it was due to Assembly Bill 5, which Wikipedia says is:

California Assembly Bill 5 or AB 5 is a California law which limits the use of classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees by companies in the state.

Whether or not 5 had anything to do with this, it’s been obvious to me all along that it wasn’t an arrangement that could last. People who did it should have come in knowing that and just be glad for the extra bucks they could suddenly earn. If 5 was the cause of this, it should spread to other Spin locations in California.

When these companies finally enter NY State, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t rely on permanent employees instead of gig workers.

Previously here:

Alt-Wheels Bulletin

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TV: Mr. Robot Series Finale

“This doesn’t make any fucking sense.”

Neither did the series finale of The Prisoner:

But that never stopped people from enjoying it.

Farewell, Elliot.

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