R.I.P. Writer Gene Wolfe

Science fiction author Gene Wolfe has died

While Wolfe was never quite as famous as some of his peers, his writing was loved intensely by his fans. Ursula Le Guin, for example, called him “our Melville,” while Michael Swanwick described him as “the greatest writer in the English language alive today.”

That level of praise (and comparisons between his best-known work and James Joyce’s “Ulysses”) might seem hyperbolic — unless you’ve actually read his best novels and stories. To some, Wolfe’s writing represents science fiction’s strongest claim toward creating capital-L Literature.

I confess I’ve never read his work. I can’t dispute the above claim to “capital-L Literature,” but it was also said of one of his contemporaries, Philip K. Dick. Which only goes to show how neglected certain writers have been for decades.

Rest in peace.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Gutted

I won’t link to anything. It’s on every news service.

Suspicious timing.

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Video: Electric Unicycle History

Electric Unicycle, ninebot Z10, Patent and the Death of Innovation

And I’d forgotten that my first electric unicycle sighting was back in 2014 — and it was a Solowheel!

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Personal Electric Transport: The Incredible Unicycles

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Weekend Review: April 13-14, 2019

Real-life tasks prevented much reading and any walking of the west side bike path. I was confined to the lower Manhattan area, mostly below Houston.

And even though I wasn’t looking, I still managed Sightings. These were all serendipitous, at various locations, and I think speaks well to the growing popularity of Alt-Wheels that the damned self-absorbed egomaniacal Mayor and laughably-backward City Council both ignore.

5 unidentified (UID) electric skateboard
1 Boosted board
2 Onewheel
1 E-TWOW electric scooter

4 UID electric scooter
1 M365-style electric scooter

I don’t pay attention to CitiBike outside of the bike path.

No tech or reading news.

The thing about both ferry terminals is their population. I couldn’t help overhearing a phone call a thug was making to someone he was evidently subservient too. He did jail (prison?) time for the guy. Seemed to also remind the guy he killed(!) someone for him (and wasn’t caught). And what was his plan for that night? To find a homeless shelter to sleep in! Crime pays? And by the way, you’d never guess the guy was homeless from the way he was dressed. Or that he was a thug. Welcome to the Naked City.

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Jeff Hawkins, Founder Of Mobile Computing

I’ve been indulging in some PalmOS nostalgia this week and just came across this 2013 video I wish I’d seen earlier!

Jeff Hawkins-The History of Palm and the Part-time Entrepr

More interesting videos after the break. Microsoft tries to kill Palm. Hawkins’ reaction is priceless.

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Reference: Memory-Interfering Medications

I’ve never seen a list compiled before: 10 Drugs That May Cause Memory Loss

Published in 2015. Still useful.

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Blog Notes: This Blog Is Not Dead

Posts have fallen off due to a lack of excitement. Nothing has risen to the level of a post.

Meanwhile, I see Twitter is still overrun with the Politically Insane. I was going to highlight the most stupid tweet I’d ever seen … but it just seemed so damn pointless.

Over at The Digital Reader, Nate has uncovered an FCC filing for yet another new Nook ereader from the mismanaged Barnes & Noble. And I thought the previous one its final gasp. They should just sell the Likebook Mars.

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Weekend Review: April 6-7, 2019

I did a superhike on Saturday. World Trade Center area west side bike path to 54th Street, across the avenues to Fifth, then down to the Whitehall ferry terminal. About ten miles.

Sightings were done on the west side bike path from WTC area up to 23rd Street. There I had to take a break and the seating was such that my back was to the path. The break was a half hour or so, so don’t expect these figures to be comprehensive:

78 electric CitiBike
3 UScooters eScooters
1 unidentified (UID) dual-belt electric skateboard (eSk8)
2 Boosted Mini X
1 Qiewa eScooter
2 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooters
1 Boosted
4 UID eScooters
3 UID eSk8
1 UID electric unicycle (EUC)

Bonus sightings:

54th & 9th Avenue: 1 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooter, 1 UID EUC
54th & 8th Avenue: 1 Inmotion EUC
54th & 5th Avenue: 1 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooter
Union Square: 1 UID EUC, 1 Boosted
Whitehall ferry terminal: 1 Mini X

It’s really irritating me that most Alt-Wheels makers absolutely suck at branding their products.

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Reference: Apple Will Fail You. This Is The Video You Need.

Expert disputes Apple on data recovery from water-damaged iPhones

Same-day update: iPad Rehab YouTube Channel

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Reference: Electric Unicycle Apps

YouTube Recommendation for the win. I meant to search for this today but IRL interfered with my memory. I was just wondering about such apps last night as I tried to fall asleep.

He has a very inexpensive and clever solution here (if you keep watching): An unlocked Android craphone with a used Pebble watch! I like that idea! No need for the expen$$$ive iPhone and Apple Watch.

Electric Unicycle Monitoring Applications

And yeah, I keep putting these posts in the eSkateboards category. I’m still thinking about creating Onewheel and eUnicycle categories … Right now, there aren’t so many posts that it’d take much work to recategorize them.

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Electric Unicycles: 101
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eSkateboards category

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