TV: Blood Drive

It started like all things do, with Twitter:

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Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Benchmarks

This is a monster!

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R.I.P. Actor Adam West

I’m late with this because of no WiFi on the weekend.

Even though it was inevitable, it was still a shock.

Purists can harp all they like about the 1960s Batman TV series, but for kids like me who watched it back when it first aired, it wasn’t a comedy at all. It was straight-up comic book heroism. It was when we grew up that we could appreciate all of the adult humor that they managed to smuggle into it.

And there’s this …

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What We In NYC Knew For Decades

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The iOS 11 New Dock — In 2014!

Dredging my mind last night, it occurred to me that the new iOS 11 Dock had a familiar feeling to it.

It turns out that was because I’d seen it before.

So have readers who have followed my Chinese tablet posts over the years.

It was back in 2014. From Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android.

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iPad Pro 10.5 Should Be A Google Books PDF Monster


I’ll have more to say about the 10.5″ iPad and iOS 11 in another post. Probably in a few days. I still have unanswered questions. And maybe I’ll be able to fondle the 10.5 before then.

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iPad Mini 5?

9to5 Mac: iPad mini 5 SKUs appearing in UK retailer’s inventory system

My friend works at a UK electronics store corporate office and said iPad mini 5 is appearing in their inventory as of this week He sent me the below. Also iPad 10.5-inch. Mini is priced £50 above iPad mini 4 and therefore maybe a pro model as rumoured. Shows all four colours, pricing, and 32GB an 128GB models for both Wifi and cellular.

Could it be true?

The big problem here is that the prices for the alleged 5 are a huge increase over the current US$399 for the 128GB Mini 4. £469 for the 128GB Mini 5 is about US$605!

I don’t think Apple could get away with that, especially since all indications point to the Mini as a 7.85″ machine being phased out. Plus, it starts at 32GBs, and Apple seems to be moving to 64GBs as the base model.

If Apple was going to do a Mini 5, the day to say so was yesterday. And they didn’t say so.

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Second Video: Asus ZenPad 3S 8.0 (Z582KL)

ASUS ZenPad 3S 8.0 Quick Review: A Premium Tablet?

Previously here:

First Video: Asus ZenPad 3S 8.0 (Z582KL)
The Last iPad Mini Clone In The World

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Asus ZenPad 3S 10 To Get Nougat Update

This is a bit exciting. Asus isn’t immediately abandoning this tablet.

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iOS 11 Catches Up To PalmOS 4.x

Thanks to Steven Troughton-Smith:

Gah! So using iOS from 11.0 on will be like my using PalmOS 4.x on the Sony CLIE with the Filez app?!

That’s not exactly my idea of how things should be done.

And boy, would I like to have seen the screaming matches on the iOS Team over that approach.

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