Samsung Gear 360 Has Design Defect

Conclusion: Blurgate: an Update on the Samsung Gear 360 Blurring Issue (Part 3)

This is not a manufacturing defect per se, but an issue with how it was designed, therefore exchanging the Gear 360 for another unit will not solve the problem.

Part one: Samsung Gear 360 Sharpness Inconsistency

Part two: Samsung Gear 360 Sharpness Inconsistency Part 2

Now I wonder if this is the real reason Samsung has yet to do a wide release in America. Could Samsung know of the problem and are trying to fix it before they get slaughtered by jillions of refund demands?

Let’s hope so. And let’s hope no other VR cameras — flat or 3D — have problems like this.

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2 Responses to Samsung Gear 360 Has Design Defect

  1. Mic Ty says:

    I think that sounds possible, Mike. The curious thing is: if they do fix it for the US release, what are they going to do about the cameras they’ve already sold in Korea, Singapore, Europe, and other parts of the world? I wonder if there will be a product recall, or a service advisory (which is what Nikon eventually did after the Nikon D600 fiasco broke out).

    Best regards,

    • mikecane says:

      It might be easier for them to eat returns from those markets as the sales numbers might be lower than what they expect in America. But this speculation.

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