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Designated Survivor, Episode Two

Um, yeah. Me too, Mr. President.

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Aftermath, Episode One

This was a bit of a surprise.

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Debate One: Trump Vs. Clinton

Twitter: She came prepared. She had answers. She addressed specifics. Trump repeated his slogans. Like a bad commercial that is run on TV until everyone screams when it appears again. After last night, the one question that nags at me … Continue reading

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Kobo Aura One: Not In American Best Buy Stores

And the grim news from Twitter: Next! Previously here: Kobo Aura One: Public Library Lending, No Best Buy? Video: Kobo Aura One PDF Test From The Digital Reader Kobo Aura One: PDF Reading Disappoints? Kobo Aura One: Reading Comics, PDFs, … Continue reading

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Designated Survivor, Episode One

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Palmer Luckey: So Damned Misguided

Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine But in another post written under Luckey’s Reddit pseudonym, there are echoes of a similar tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, who used his deep pockets to secretly fund a campaign … Continue reading

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Mr. Robot, Season Two, Episode Twelve

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Vuze Camera Studio Stitch/Edit Software For MacOS Too

The highly-anticipated Vuze camera — the only consumer-affordable VR camera to offer shooting in stereoscopic spheres — was highlighted in an article, HumanEyes Technologies shows off Vuze VR 360 degree 3D camera, that had a curiosity-inspiring closing paragraph: Stitching and … Continue reading

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Kobo Aura One: Browser, Best Buy, KOReader, Versus iPad Mini 2

I had no idea until today that the Kobo Aura One included a web browser. It’s accessed via Settings …

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The Digital Reader Site Is Offline For Now

Official statement from Nate: The Digital Reader experienced a minor technical snafu with its database Monday morning. I tried to fix the problem by installing a backup copy of the site only to discover both of the most recent backups … Continue reading

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