This Blog Is Officially Dead

I’ve spent several days reviewing all of the posts here.

This is not something I want to continue. It is, mainly, all wrong.

If there’s ever another blog, I’ll pay WordPress the damn US$48/US$84 (1 yr/2 yr) fee to get rid of the damn ads. Looking at this site as a reader, I’m disgusted by all the ads WordPress has defaced it with. And I think most people think I want the ads there and am making money from them. Not so!

Farewell, readers. And thanks for your attention.

And again, go read the posts at iPeople. I am pleased with it and hope to get back to it.

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11 Responses to This Blog Is Officially Dead

  1. beedancer says:


    So long and thanks for the fish.


  2. martin says:

    Sorry to hear that, you will be miss, Thank you for the all the fun the sad and the info.

  3. Cliff Burns says:

    The critical community needs you, Mike, those of us who want the internet to represent something more than fan fiction, amateur porn and roving bands of malign bots. Strong voices are required, people with genuine, deeply considered opinions and the ability to express them. I hope you will take some time, consider how best you can continue to contribute to the discussion of how to make our world more fair, sustainable and SMART. Let’s hear from you again soon, big guy…

  4. cin says:

    Not a frequent visitor these days. Glad I stopped by today. Thank you for sharing your insights and eBook tests.

  5. Andy says:

    What ads? I follow you on RSS feed and don’t see anything. Just curious where these ads occur.

  6. I’ve never seen an ad here, but it’s your call to make. Good luck in your future endeavors and hopefully the internet will be blessed with your presence again.

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