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The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion, Part Two

Out of the four services, the only one that is consistently and speedily working for me is Cardigan. I’ve used Revoke Access on everything else. Previously here: The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion

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The Future For NYC: Portable Electric Scooters

This is the law in New York State: New York City law only intensifies the stupidity.

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SBS 3D Aspect Ratios

Just about every day, I pop “SBS 3D” (without quotes) into Toogles and sort by Upload Date. Today, I finally cracked and had to point out this: Look at that. Four different aspect ratios for SBS 3D! And that’s just … Continue reading

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The Long Slow Road To Tweet Deletion

wikiHow to Delete All Tweets TweetDelete didn’t do much.

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Jarett Kobek In NYC Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jarett is best known among regular readers as the creator and keeper of the wonderful “An Indefensibly Underdesigned Webpage on the Topic of Mr. Derek Raymond, alias Mr. Robin Cook, the Author.” Latecomers to him will know only his novel, … Continue reading

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Spotted In NYC: The SwagCycle

My life has fallen into a sinkhole of watching YouTube videos about electric scooters. The above is not one of them, however. But I was surprised to see it yesterday in Manhattan. Additional: Swagcycle e Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle … Continue reading

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LucidCam With A Selfie Stick

Dany Dan comes up with another brilliant 3D printing hack to extend the usefulness of the LucidCam.

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The Upcoming iPhone 8 OLED Screen Again

@stroughtonsmith won’t leave it alone.

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A Rebooted Looney Tunes In CGI Converted To SBS 3D

If I’m not mistaken, they’ve taken the voice track from an originally-hand-animated Looney Tunes and remade the entire imagery in CGI. A YouTube user then converted it to SBS (side-by-side) 3D video. On the desktop, YouTube will display this only … Continue reading

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LucidCam Is Still A Beta Test Project

Anyone thinking about buying the LucidCam should wait. Lucid pushed out an update that finally permits full 4K recording. The person in the video can’t get the update to happen. With both his iPad and Samsung Android phone, he has … Continue reading

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