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Puerto Rico Is Still In Trouble

From the Instagram of artistikem (also see her Twitter): Day #71 after hurricane María hit us and we still have no power at home. 😕 Channeling donations. Hopefully will be able to deliver more during what’s left of this week. … Continue reading

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The Strangest Secret

Idly tooling through YouTube, I came across the unabridged (and likely pirated!) version of Earl Nightingale’s audiobook of The Strangest Secret. I’ve heard it before. But I had a lull in my research, saw it was just about a half … Continue reading

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Johnny In Taiwan Gets Ten More ELOS

In his latest video, Johnny again receives a shipment of ten ELOS kick skateboards to convert to electric:

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Video: Fireball XL5 Reimagined In CGI

Well, this is quite extraordinary! And I do mean extraordinary. I’ve seen other fan revisions and this has to be the best of them all. Really, there are aspects of it that surpass the high-budgeted New Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds … Continue reading

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TechTablets Reviews Zoom Stryder Electric Scooter

Chris over at TechTablets is just about single-handedly keeping electric scooter posts in this blog. The field is otherwise quiet, with the dual-motor carbon fiber electric scooter still absent from the YouTube channel of Kurt V. In the video after … Continue reading

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TV: The Avengers

It’s unfortunate that the Marvel comic — created two years later — is what most people think of when they hear “The Avengers” mentioned today. To me, The Avengers will always be the groundbreaking and trendsetting TV series from England. … Continue reading

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Electric ELOS Clone Ionegg Renamed To Ionpod

This is an interesting turn of events. So whose lawyer contacted Ionboard with a Cease and Desist? I can’t see how ELOS could make a claim on “egg.” But I think Eggboards can and maybe did. Anyway, the new name: … Continue reading

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First Electric ELOS Clone: The Ionegg

I had this information several hours ago but was selfishly withholding it. I checked yesterday and swear I didn’t see it at all. Today I rechecked, and there it was. They must have put it up after yesterday’s video by … Continue reading

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TV: Chinese Burn

A series pilot from the BBC.

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The Good Doctor: Microsoft HoloLens Surgery Rehearsal

Episode 9 of The Good Doctor last night featured the use of Microsoft HoloLens to trial a very difficult cardiac surgery. Some screensnaps.

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