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iPad Mini 5 Nano Test

The speed is amazing!

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Electric Unicycles Again

I’ve posted about them before. But just twice. Then I went back to electric scooters. And from them to electric skateboards. Then onto the Onewheel. So what’s caught my attention about electric unicycles when I had decided on a Onewheel … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Actor Shane Rimmer

Shane Rimmer has Died We’re very sad to report that the legendary voice of Scott Tracy Shane Rimmer has died at the age of 89. So many roles. Perhaps best known as the dynamic voice of Scott Tracy in the … Continue reading

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The Garbage Bin Of Onewheel Clones And Wannabes

YouTube Search continues its record of FAIL. I found this through a forum post link. YouTube Search was blind to it. One wheel skateboard-D1 Looks good, huh? Sucker!

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Imagine This …

Click to enlarge to see the contemporaneous price: I tweeted this post to Future Motion again pushing them to add a swappable battery. I said the Pint could be the VW Beetle of Alt-Wheels. That got me thinking. With Ford … Continue reading

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The Weird GeoBlade

It’s a Onewheel. Nope. It’s an electric unicycle. Nope. It’s an odd hybrid. It’s the GeoBlade 500. And look at that! It has something Onewheel really, really needs.

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Add-On For Towing A Onewheel

Sonny Wheels — who turned an electric unicycle into a sorta-Onewheel — created the Towheel. It’s an add-on to pull a Onewheel on a built-in trolley instead of carrying it. Onewheel – Towheel… After the break, a video demonstrating how … Continue reading

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eUnicycle Into An Ersatz Onewheel

Sonny Wheels has a lot of interesting Onewheel-related videos on his Channel. This one is ingenious. He took a Gotway Mten3 electric unicycle and made it a Onewheel-like thing! Brief overview how to turn Gotway Mten3 into Onewheel. After the … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: Google’s AMP Is Stupid

I get an email from Google saying AMP’s having problems with this site. On 196 posts! WTF! Well, the problem is Google, not this site. It turns out WordPress is clearly telling their damn robot: # If you are regularly … Continue reading

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Swagtron Has A Kick Scooter & New Crappy eSkateboard

As usual, click any image to enlarge. K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter Ordinarily, I wouldn’t note a kickscooter except I’ve seen them used in Manhattan. Plus, this is Swagtron, which can always be counted on for comic relief. From their … Continue reading

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