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The MacBook Pro: Apple Lays An Egg

Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion A few months ago, I wrote about how my one-year-old MacBook Pro’s keyboard keys stopped working if a single piece of dust slipped under there, and more importantly, that … Continue reading

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Another Example Of 4K Video Editing On An iPad Mini 4

From the Description: Yes, it can be done, at least for basic editing, this is an example of 2 4K footage, trimmed, added transition, title and color adjusted within LumaFusion and it works. Both of the Mavic Air footage are … Continue reading

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iPad Mini 4 Can Edit 4K Video

VinGin continues to push the iPad Mini 4. Two videos after the break. First, him trying LumaFusion to edit a 4K video. Second, the actual edited video put on YouTube (which can be seen in full 4K!).

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iPad Mini Needs A Life-Support Upgrade

Hey, Apple! Dig this title: I’m typing this on a 2018 iPad. I just compared it and the iPad Mini 4 with the 200MB+ full PDF of The American Magazine. Dahyum! No tiling on the 2018 iPad. If the iPad … Continue reading

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More Video Love Letters For The iPad Mini 4

Is The iPad Mini 4 Still Worth It In 2018? And after the break, two more from VinGin, the guy whose Mini 4 video prompted my re-examination post.

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A Re-Examination Of The iPad Mini 4 With Google Books PDFs

The iPad Mini is the size I like. The weight I like. The thinness I like. The iPad Mini 4’s A8 processor — introduced in 2014, four frikkin years ago! — not so much. It’s been close to three years … Continue reading

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Tomorrow: A Re-Examination Of The iPad Mini 4

With a disgusting number of screenshots: Blame him: 4 Reasons To Buy iPad Mini 4 (Final Four 2018)

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Thinking Out Loud About The 2018 iPad

That’s one of many folders I have stuffed with Google Books PDFs (and, in this folder, a few regular PDFs; it’s a temporary catch-all folder). 574 documents in there. Mostly Google Books PDFs. Five hundred and seventy-four. Taking up just … Continue reading

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iPad Pricing: Then And Now

January 27, 2010: March 27, 2018: I’ve been watching plenty of iPad 2018 videos. It’s getting under my skin. And the contrast between the original iPad and the new 2018 iPad really gets under my skin at that lower price. … Continue reading

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iPad 2018 PDF (And A Bit More) Test

And away we go! Here it is, the new 2018 iPad I used for the test: I made sure all other apps were closed, all Safari tabs were closed, and Safari’s History and cache were cleared before starting.

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