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PDF Tests: iPad Mini 4 iOS 11

Ah, iPad Mini! You were to be the tablet I’d get after all my testing. I mean, all that’s left after you is the aging Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and the iFive Mini 4s. Save me, Obi-wan, you’re my … Continue reading

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PDF Tests: Large iPad Pro iOS 11

Back on November 12, 2015, I posted: iPad Pro: Forget All Other Tablets. Welp. Things have changed with iOS 11. And not for the better at all.

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New iOS 11 PDF-iBooks Behavior

Hey! Where’s the “Open in iBooks” prompt? It is gone.

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Reference: How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone X

Twitter: Replies include a left wink should have been used or asking Siri to do it. Both are better options. Additional: How to screenshot iPhone X

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Two 3D Cameras For Smartphones

I came across these while researching 3D (not 360VR) cameras. The SVPro attaches to a smartphone (Android only, and only certain phone models) with a screw-on clamp and USB cable. According ot its specs, it records at 2560 X 720 … Continue reading

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Rough Reference: S8, S8+, G6, XZP, iPhone 8 Screen PPI

All specs, except iPhone, taken from GSM Arena. *Here I disagree with everyone else. Everyone is seeing this (via 9to5Mac): And thinking the “function area” will be a permanent placement. I say no. That would be stupid. I think we’ll … Continue reading

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Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Video

According to the YouTube Description: Captured on iPhone 7+ with the DJI OSMO Mobile gimbal during the course of 4 shooting days. All i had to carry with me for the shoot was the phone, gimbal, small bag pack and … Continue reading

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Create SBS 3D Videos With Two iPhones

That’s a very exciting and inspiring book to read. Very highly recommended.

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Videos: More Apple Augmented Reality Demos

The velocity of ARKit demo videos posted to YouTube is increasing. I’m beginning to think there are more of these demo videos than Google’s Tango AR has actual full-blown apps. There will probably be an explosion of these once iOS … Continue reading

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Apple ARKit Creates Jack Kirby Boom Tubes!

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