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GoodReader PDF Reader For iOS Is Not Dead

Over the years that I’ve been doing my Google Books PDF tests, iPad owners have told me — and even shown me — that the GoodReader app for iOS could handle them without any problem. But at an Apple Store, … Continue reading

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Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Google Books PDF Tests

Just look at those prices [click any image to enlarge]:

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Video: iPad Pro 10.5 Benchmarks

This is a monster!

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The iOS 11 New Dock — In 2014!

Dredging my mind last night, it occurred to me that the new iOS 11 Dock had a familiar feeling to it. It turns out that was because I’d seen it before. So have readers who have followed my Chinese tablet … Continue reading

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iPad Pro 10.5 Should Be A Google Books PDF Monster

Twitter: I’ll have more to say about the 10.5″ iPad and iOS 11 in another post. Probably in a few days. I still have unanswered questions. And maybe I’ll be able to fondle the 10.5 before then.

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iPad Mini 5?

9to5 Mac: iPad mini 5 SKUs appearing in UK retailer’s inventory system My friend works at a UK electronics store corporate office and said iPad mini 5 is appearing in their inventory as of this week He sent me the … Continue reading

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iOS 11 Catches Up To PalmOS 4.x

Thanks to Steven Troughton-Smith: Gah! So using iOS from 11.0 on will be like my using PalmOS 4.x on the Sony CLIE with the Filez app?! That’s not exactly my idea of how things should be done. And boy, would … Continue reading

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March 2017 “New iPad” Brief Google Books PDF Test

The new iPad of March 2017 is heavier and thicker than the iPad Air 2 it replaced. Physically, it’s a step backward. I didn’t notice anything particularly brighter about the screen, either. I was more interested in how it would … Continue reading

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Video: Embarrassing Apple Some More

Because it’s fun. But sad. Since the earliest iPhone that could download a Google Books PDF, I’ve been doing these damned tests, waiting for the day when an iProduct would be powerful enough to display them without making me want … Continue reading

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Video: iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test

The video after the break is less than four minutes. I used the same methodology as in the other post: My methodology was to download each (they display in Safari first), hit “Open in iBooks” in Safari, wait for iBooks … Continue reading

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