The Garbage Bin Of Onewheel Clones And Wannabes

YouTube Search continues its record of FAIL. I found this through a forum post link. YouTube Search was blind to it.

One wheel skateboard-D1

Looks good, huh?


Do you know that promo videos from China have even less credibility than American infomercials?

Here are just three ways they lie:

1) The product shown in the promo is not the production model (for example, waterproofing is added)

2) Several units are used for one promo video because they get banged up in accidents not in the video (riders fall off, the bottom gets scraped, the sides get damaged from bailing, the battery runs out, a tire gets flat, something falls off)

3) We have no idea how many hours (days?!) of practice went into each shot before they could master riding

The reality is that all of the clones are just garbage.

Here’s a reality check from an owner of two clones:

I actually bought one of these because I couldn’t imagine myself spending the 1700euro’s…

I also had an even worse clone from aliexpress badly painted blue with an 11,5 inch tire and crapy firmware & mainboard from the gotway onewheeled scooters(wheel between legs) CCC

both were advertised in the beginning as 500w versions 42v with higher speeds…FALSE

the first 1: threw me off causing a bad injury and was down right dangerous…there is still an updated blue ALUversion on ali for 600$ but still with a weak motor and bad software mainboard etc……trew it in the garage for spareparts

meanwhile my nephew bought the original( I advised: if you have the money…buy original!!;)…

the second 1:when the software for the DANDAN version was ready(month after I bought it).. there seemed a “limitation on the speed”in the APP….and what turned out to be just a 250w motor 36v battery….SCAMED

The DANDAN D1 version (now JYRO)4 to 600 on alibaba or 900 on ebay….died on me after a short uphill climb…the wheel seized(magnets ?out of? allignment)…The rideability was great… but underpowered for a grown up to small to stand on…(but great for kids!?) overlooking the warrenty stuff and being scamed and quality issues etctetc

Accompanying photo:

It’s understandable that Future Motion got a restraining order against one clone-maker:

Watch U.S. Marshals Raid Chinese Hoverboard Booth at CES

But they keep coming:

MOBY Roll | Electric One Wheel Skateboard

That one was actually designed in America. But the video is from 2017. So what happened? Nothing! It never appeared and the company has a screwball “hoverball” in the works instead.

Hoverboard parts have been reconfigured into sorta-clones. What are those like? Even worse!

One Wheeled Skateboard?! | DOPE or NOPE!

Here’s one from a dealer in Alt-Wheels with a version that has two wheels for “improved” stability:

Onewheel vs. Hoverskateboard, Balance Board, Hoverboard, kein IO Hawk, *Test&Review* (Deu,Ger)

It’s still a death trap, with no lateral stability at all despite the dual wheels! (Yes, the guy falls off a Onewheel, but it’s clear he has no experience with it at all, while the expert rider can never ride the junk wannabe clone — which dies during the test!)

No matter how many clones and wannabes pop up for sale in China, they’ll all be junk.

Future Motion put — and continues to put — a lot of thought and engineering muscle into developing the Onewheel. Its superiority is clear. And now that the Onewheel Pint has a price of only US$950, the difference between a real Onewheel and the junk clones is small enough for anyone to go with the real thing. Why waste money on junk when the real thing is now less expensive?

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