Facebook/Oculus Xiaomi (FOX) VR Headset

Facebook Plans to Unveil a $200 Wireless Oculus VR Headset for 2018

Oculus has plans to enlist China’s Xiaomi and its network of contract manufacturers to produce the new headset for global distribution, people familiar with the arrangement said. The device will feature Oculus branding around the world, except a custom version for China will feature Xiaomi branding and run some Xiaomi software applications, the people said. Hugo Barra, recently put in charge of Oculus’s VR products, was previously a Xiaomi executive. Xiaomi declined to comment.

That’s a combination!

But what about VR180? Will Facebook support it?

And what does Samsung have up its sleeve with the Note 8 and a rumored standalone headset?

If the … ermmm, FOX headset is US$200, will it matter what Samsung does?

And if the headset is US$200, it can’t be 4K. Can it be 2K? Or will Facebook/Oculus produce some backend wizardry to make 1080 acceptable? The PlayStation VR is just 720 and looks mostly fine.

It’s clear Facebook/Oculus can’t be happy with high-end sales. And with Google championing VR180, Microsoft’s partners doing headsets, and Apple’s upcoming AR blitz, they couldn’t stand still.

The next year will be very interesting for VR. It will, in fact, be make or break.

It will either create a sustainable mass-market or collapse until Apple creates the market.

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